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Catching Up On Abundant Thanks


Seems I kind of got behind, AGAIN, with making sure lots of my furriends know how much they and their generosity means to little ole me.


First, Mom Linda and I totally spaced out on making sure we posted a blog post Oct 29th, when Miss Ann over at Zoolatry Boolatry was scheduled to post the special Halloween costumes she gave me and my Cuzin Leo.  She even linked to our bloggies…and sad to say…I had forgotten…as had my Cuzin Leo!!!  Cuzin Leo was supposed to replay all the purrfectly pawsome and intricate dance steps we used to win on DWTS…hope he remembers soon! *glares toward Fremont*

The least I can do is show you our fantabulous costumes Miss Ann made for us…and purrlease notice…she knew Cuzin Leo and I like to dress in our own furrs…


Now…I also have some great “wins” to share with you…just two for now…Mom Linda and I almost never ever win anything…most of the time if I win, we can then Paw my wins forward to my former shelter Kitty Corner, or other rescues.

First of all…my wonderful veterinarian, Dr Melanie Ellis (remember she helped us save Leo’s life)…well her Civic Feline Clinic had a lovely open house…and birthday pawty for sweet Shelby (a meezer who Dr. Ellis diagnosed and treated for rickets!…saving her life)…Shelby turned 5 years old!  And Civic Feline Clinic celebrated 30 years of service to felines!!

They had some great raffle prizes…but we couldn’t stay long, you see Cuzin Leo’s Dad Dave was up visiting and he was with us and so he, Mom and Dad only stayed about an hour…they left before all the raffle prized and door prizes were given out.

…heh…heh…well Mom got a call on Monday and “I” won a raffle prize; just the one Mom Linda wanted…and Dad Dave won a door prize for Cuzin Leo…sorry the photo won’t behave…but Cuzin Leo is chasing around with a cool new laser light!


….and I won, for Mom Linda…the only raffle item she really wanted…this really cool Laurel Burch bag STUFFED with kitty stuff for ME…*ahem*…and my Kitty Corner rescue furramily…

Now…just to bore you all…here are THREE…yes THREE…videos…of ME…getting more excited than you may have ever seen me…over NIP…Toys…and well…for all of this…I am truly blessed to be part of this pawsome furramily…

Paw Pats, Savannah *embarrassed ears* Mom begged me to use all three videos*

peeEss…joining Pepi Smart Dogs Thankful Thursday Blog Hop...


peePee EssEss…Remembering Leader Otis…click HERE…and HERE


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32 thoughts on “Catching Up On Abundant Thanks

  1. Pawsum purrizez n pawsum videoz of ya Savannah!! Ya are rockin dem nip toyz!
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen xxx

  2. Guess what? As soon as the first video came on, I jumped up on the computer desk and pressed my head against the screen where it stayed through all 3 videos. I wanted to play with that pawsome toy. Of course, if I had it, I wouldn’t look at it. I notice you’ve been winning stuff on the blog circuit too.

    • Eeekkk! you watched all THREE!!! I was soooooo embarrassed Mom posted all those…but they seemed to fit together…I have never ever had that reaction to something with nip in it….unreal! And BTW Mom Linda doesn’t ever play videos while we are reading blogs in the AM…I get kind’a scared *blushes*

  3. Still so upset about Otis 😦 Well done on your prizes and LOVE Love the pink bed xxx

  4. Concats on your great prizes!

  5. Very nice goodies you have there Savannah and those videos. You really let loose. Meow
    Thanks for those links to Cult of Otis. Very powerful words that have a lot of meaning for we formerly from feral.

  6. Great prizes. What a bonanza! I could tell which one is your favorite in the videos….

    Love and licks,

  7. Savvy, you obviously love that holiday mat! Enjoy and Concats!!
    And Happy Halloween!

  8. What an awesome prize you and your mom won, Savannah! Have fun with all of that!!

    Happy Halloween!!

  9. meowmeowmans on said:

    Holy Cat, those are some great prizes! ConCATulations, Savvy! 🙂

  10. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    happee howl o ween two ewe savvy; heerz hopin yur trik N treetz bag be filled with mackerull, mice N pie !!

  11. YAY for winning that loot! Pawsome stuff in there!
    Happy Halloween!

  12. We always enjoyed visiting Otis, we shall stop and paw our condolences,


  13. happy halloween. enjoy your treats of toys.

    Emma and Buster

  14. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We hope you finally got to open that cool, green nap mat. You were really working hard in it. It makes us happy to see you going after what you want.

  15. You’re a Winner!!!! Woohoo! Happy Anniversary to Civic Feline Clinic! I remember that they were there for Leo and they did such a GREAT job! Thanks Dr. Ellis & Crew!

  16. Some great swag you got there Savvy!

  17. So lovely to watch you enjoying yourself!

  18. Wow, Savvy, I think you are in love with that Boogie Mat! Concatulations on winning such awesome prizes!

  19. Concatulations! Those are amazing prices. I love the greenies.

  20. Katie Isabella on said:

    Well done sweet furriend on all your wins and you sweet fanks you’s. xoxoxo

  21. What a neat open house! We don’t think we have ever heard of a kitten with rickets, so it’s great that he was able to celebrate his fifth birthday along with the open house. Your vet sounds pawesome.

  22. Wow look at you go!! Well done on all your wins and I am so pleased that you let your mum post all three videos – they were great to watch!!

  23. Oh WOW Savvy! Lots of new toys and stuff from the raffle – isn’t that great?? Lucky you! It looks like a wonderful pawty too at the Clinic. Thanks again also for being in my Sam-O-Ween costume contest… was so much fun. You and Leo look quite grand in your DWTS gear too!

    Happy Cat-o-Ween!
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  24. That is such a lovely sight Savvy…you are having a ball..and a big sensory overload heheheh congrats on the raffle win,looks like a wonderful clinic full of wonderful people! we have been to Otis’s blog and sent our deepest very very sad and unfair..what a super guy he was..hugs to you Savvy I know these times are hard..Fozziemum xxx Pee Ess…squee-licious tummy…just sayin 😉

  25. mollieandalfie on said:

    What a fantastic bag of swag 🙂 Have a super Thursday xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  26. You won some lovely things and I enjoyed watching the videos!
    You and Leo look amazing in your costumes.

  27. All your winnings look awesome! Congrats 🙂

  28. Congratulations Savannah and Leo,what a great Haul of loot!and I love how you two look in you photo,xx Speedy

  29. Congrats you guys!! What great loot!

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