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15,000 Adopted in Two Days: Thursday Purrsday


Got your attention didn’t I?  Come on…admit it…you saw those numbers and thought “WHAT?”…and you just had to find out what I was meowing about.  Lots of photos today, remember to click to bigify …and to view complete captions…

pizap Ms Savvy Do


This is for the USA and involves NINE states, 291 cities and over 200 shelters and rescues.  The ADOPTION EVENT of the year for the last five years is Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days…sponsored and underwritten by Maddie’s Fund, located in Pleasonton, CA.  Two days only, but a lot happens during those two days.  Well, and of course a lot happens BEFORE those two days to get ready…so I am going to report on what I know for all of you.

First, there is the preparation…getting kittens, puppies, adult cats and dogs all ready for the day when they will hopefully meet up with their furrever guardians.  They need to get tested, vet checks, etc.  You see…on these two days…the adoption fees are waved, Maddie’s reimburses each shelter/rescue for each and every adoption fee for all adopted…AND Maddie’s gives each shelter/rescue between $500-$2,000 USD to cover expenses for getting each cat, dog rescued, etc.  Senior cats and dogs, 8 years and older and those who have special needs, or medical conditions, are reimbursed up to $2,000 per cat/dog.

Remember my Foster Brofur Leo??


He was a Maddie’s Adoption cat…and he was older and certainly had medical costs ‘cuz you remember he almost died from hepatic lipidosis.  Contra Costa Humane Society, Leo and my former rescue, was given $2,000 when Dad Dave adopted my now Cuzin Leo…what a life he has now.

Mom L helped another rescue get a whole bunch of kittens and some adult cats ready for Maddie’s Adoption Day.  Community Concern 4 Cats is another group Mom L and Dad P volunteer to help.  They usually help when our friend Dr Josie, my former doc, is holding a clinic.  She is retired and donates her vet skills to CC4C several times a month.

Here is the clinic two days before Maddie’s…they tested, vaccinated, wormed, etc. over 50 cats in 5 hours!!!  This rescue only works with ferals and strays.  These kittens are all from feral Momma cats and now they will get to live in The Promised Land.

Mom L took photos, but mostly she opened lots of blood test kits, and held kittens while Dr Josie drew blood etc.  Oh yes, and see the bottles of Vetricyn products…blue labels??? Mom L met their rep at Blog Paws and she sent a whole box of product to CC4C!!!  Great product for those who work with feral cats.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now it is THE DAY.  Mom L and Dad P volunteered to transport any of CCHS’s dogs in foster who needed a ride to the event site.  They only had one passenger…Miss Lollipop!  A Chihuahua mix…what a doll…

Mom L and Dad P just adored Miss Lollipop and hoped this was HER DAY…twenty minutes after placing her in her display cage…WOO HOO!!!



While Mom L and Dad P were over checking out the nifty outdoor enclosure CCHS set up for the cats they brought to the event…Miss Lollipop was scooped up!  Check out our cat enclosure…way better than being in cages; all the cat settled in and eventually wandered around enjoying the outdoors, shade and attention…they were place away from the dogs and crowds.

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Bet’cha are waiting to learn all about that HUMONGOUS number…15,000…right??

Ok, ok…here you go…what was accomplished by this Maddie’s Adoption Day Event?


  • USA only…Nine states…California, Nevada, Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin, New York
  • 291 cities; 200 shelters/rescues
  • Exceeded last year’s goal by 78%
  • 2013 total adoptions: 8432
  • 2014 adoptions: 15, 000 and counting
  • Maddie’s set aside 10 million USD and will add to that to underwrite all the adoption commitments
  • This is the Fifth year of this event; the goal is to have a kill free nation by 2015…ambitious I know…and yes…we will not make it in the USA by next year…but Maddie’s Fund moves us closer and closer every year

And now you ask what does this mean for the two rescue/shelter Mom L helped…good question…

  • Contra Costa Humane Society…my former rescue and Cuzin Leo’ too…we are small but mighty…and we adopted out 39 cats/woofies. Last year it was only 18…
  • CC4C…where Mom L helped with the vet clinic…150 kittens/cats…yes, mostly kittens…but several adult cats were adopted as well.  And we know…they had over 100 kittens available and kitten season is just starting!

Please, if you reside in any of the NINE states who participate in Maddie’s Adoption campaign…work with your shelter/rescue and make sure they are involved.

Now my current Paw It Forward Projects…I have TWO…and I only ask that if you are so inclined…PLEASE SHARE, SHARE, SHARE…I know you all are giving your purrs and prayers to all those who await being discovered by their forever home…but please be active…share on your blog, Facebook, and Tweet…post on Pinterest…whatever you can do…thank you ever so much…

First up is precious…



From Adoption Manager at CCHS:

“Tiny has been at CCHS for a year or more now…almost longer than me…*leaky eyes*
She is a playful, affectionate, inquisitive girl who’s so easy to have around!  Tiny is non-demanding of attention but loves to be around people.
She’s completely obsessed with running water in the sink and is often found sleeping in the sink basin (really!).  She runs zoomies up and down the hallway, uses a scratching post beautifully and has been great with her litter box.  When she was in Kitty Corner, our free roaming shelter she urinated inappropriately.
Once removed from that environment we haven’t had a problem with her litter box habits.  We provide her one covered and one uncovered and she uses both without issue.  She had initially been brought into the public shelter as a stray cat and we’ve had her here with us since last July, 2013.
While we first thought she was an only-cat type of cat, she in fact gets along great with the other non-dominant cat she lives with in our office.  They’re often found hanging out with one another without any concern.  She’d be great for someone looking for an easy-going cat who’s also okay to be by herself when they’re at work.  Tiny will be four in June and is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, FeLV/FIV negative.  Such a cool cat!!”
Miss Tiny will come with her very own SINK BED…
Just imagine her resting in that bed while you brush your toofies…
And my other PLEA is to help this very special precious kitty girl find her true guardian and forever home.  My pal, Brian, over at Brian’s Home is working his special magic to help this precious, one year old kitty, find her purrsonal guardians.  Her incredible story is here…and she is doing ever so well…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would PLEASE, PLEASE…SHARE, SHARE, SHARE both TINY and SCUTTLES…actively sharing does indeed SAVE LIVES.  You never ever know who you know who may know someone who knows someone else…
I am humbled by my furriends who come to visit me when you can…and who help me help others...PAW IT FORWARD…this does works
A very long post…but I had a lot to share…and I am joining Pepi Smart  Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.  Click the badge to join all of us in appreciation of Opt to Adopt.

Paw Pats, Savannah


 peeEss…Mom Linda’s notes from THREE sessions at Blog Paws 2014 can be found on the following links.  Her notes are not great…but help yourselves.  Our good furriend Brian, Brian’s Home, has helped us make these links possible on his server…one is for MS Word 1997-2003 and the other is for MS Word 2010.  Hope this is helpful for those how were not able to attend.  Let me know if these links do not work for you.


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36 thoughts on “15,000 Adopted in Two Days: Thursday Purrsday

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  4. What a great post! Wonderful work helping so many pals find their own forever family. Excellent!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop. We love that you support our Hop and look forward to reading your next post too. *waves paw* :=o)

  5. debbarnes on said:

    What great news! With June being Adopt-a-Cat Month, we hope even more kitties find furever homes! Purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  6. This is amazing THANK YOU!!

  7. Fifteen thousand? WOW! I am so very, VERY proud of each and every cat, peep and dog who helped make last weekend such a ROARIN’ success!

    Purrs (or should I say, roars),

  8. That’s so very cool to see so many shelters banding together for this event! And Savvy, paws up to your mom for her help locally!! Tiny, that’s an awfully cool bed you have there, our mom saw it at BlogPaws! Wishing a forever home for you VERY soon!!

  9. This THIS THIS – gives us to much hope

  10. What a wonderful event! And big paws up to your humans for helping!

  11. What a wonderful event. NJ isn’t part of it, unfortunately, but several of our shelters are taking part. Tomorrow, I’m featuring a couple of adoptable cats. I don’t do it nearly enough. How great that your ‘rents helped.

  12. Mousiez dat iz alot of activity n so many happy eber afterz which iz also pawsum!!! Yer Mum iz amazin fer all da werk she doez fer homeless kittehz…we admire her so so much. Cuss-in Leo iz lookin fine too!
    WE iz purrayin fer Scuttlez n helped a bit. We will purray fer Tiny too.
    What a bunderfull werld diz can bee!
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤ n Mum too ❤

  13. What an amazing event! We hadn’t seen the totals from around the nation, but we saw that Alachua County, a bit north of us, managed 856 local pet adoptions that weekend. This is in a county whose population is around 250,000. Can you imagine what real metropolitan areas could do?

    We had not heard that Cousin Leo was a Maddie’s Fund cat. Paws up for Maddie’s fund making a difference in the lives of cats like Leo and so many others.

  14. Fantastic blog…. wow … we did all that….all of us involved in rescue pat yourselves on the back…… thankyou Savannah for such a thorough wrap up… oh and i would have taken THAT dawg… cute cute…. i love chihuahua hua hua mix….
    Dr. Josie

  15. Savvy those are pawsome numbers! WE have four megadoptathons here in our local area and between 800-1000 animals are adopted each time. It goes a long long way in helping to empty the rescues and shelters in many counties.

  16. mariodacat on said:

    Great pictures Savvy. you mom is doing such important work. We admire her.

  17. I see number 6, so hear goes number 7. I’ve tried for 40 miuntes to leave a comment, our internet stinks here. Tiny is so adorable and so deserving. Thanks too for the meow out about sweet Scuttles.

  18. Dang, 6th try. Love you guys.

  19. I have had a darn awful time with our internet and trying to leave a comment. Tiny is adorable and is so deserving. Thanks too for the meow out about sweet Scuttles!!! I just love all those adoptions!

  20. Tiny is so adorable and so deserving. Thanks for the meow out about sweet Scuttles too!

  21. Wow wee this is just Fantastic Savvy,and with a bit of luck some more will find their forever homes off the back of this too,xx Speedy

  22. S & S…high paws & headbonkx…ouch…ta yur mom & dad for helping out az well az ta de entire crew & crews that came two gether on Maddie’s day ….best of best fishes that everee one finds that for evers home by months end ♥♥

  23. weeeeeeeeeee what wonderful news! So happy for them

  24. I remember Leo and I’m so glad he found such a wonderful home. Please give him a hug from me and his dad Dave too :o) I will share it on FB, may a lot of cats will find a furever home this month.

  25. Thank you for sharing!
    Those captions… could someone dump kitties on the side of a road??? So horrid to even think about. AND it happens far far to often!
    So glad so many got adopted and I have shared to a couple different networks to help.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  26. What an amazing idea, I hope the do something similar in the Uk. How lucky was your mum to be able to love on all those kittens!!

  27. Wow! 15000 adoptions in just two days! That’s wonderful! Miaowvellous! Keep up the great work!

  28. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Savannah, your pawrents do some great work. They just might inspire the HuMom to give it another go.

  29. Miss Lollipop is absolutely ridiculous with that I’m-Going-Home-Smile. What a beauty!

    Love and licks,

  30. Savvy what wonderful stories and photos to share for Adopt a Shelter month and it sounds like SO much was accomplished by all the wonderful people including your Mom and Dad who work so hard to find homes for the homeless….and hope for the hopeless….and love for those who have never known it in their lives. We hope many, MANY more find homes and happiness.

    Hugs, Sammy

  31. It does my little furry heart good to know there are some really good people out there doing this very important work! xox

  32. What a wonderful post Savvy such positive efforts and such beautiful precious little anipals…Tiny and Scuttles are both so deserving of good homes and we will share their stories 🙂 Scuttles looks so much like my girl Shaggy from 30 odd years ago and she has had a heck of a time but such a fighter 🙂 hugs and loves Fozziemum xxxx

  33. That is really awesome and we are crossing all paws that Tiny and Scuttles will find Forever Homes very soon!

    The Chans

  34. What an awesome event! And how great that your human helped out so much locally! You know, some days I feel so bleak about all the homeless pets out there, and seeing something like this really gives me hope!

  35. OMC Dat’s wunnewful. Meez and mommy boff hav da leaky eyes. Of course wees wish all da kittys kulda got adopted and found wunnewful luvin’ homes, but wee so glad dat so many did. Fanks fuw shawin’.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses


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