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Do You Luv Sun Puddles Like Me?


I am hav’in a heck of a time keeping up with my travelin’ sun puddles. How about you? Are you in luv with your sun puddles like me? I’d go just about anywhere just to get a good sun puddle nap. Our last rental home hardly had sun puddles at all. But by golly I found this one, remember? And I had to climb through Mom L’s computer cables and then behind our printer stand to get this little spot of sun that shined on a narrow window sill for about an hour in the Spring and Summer.


Now I have so many easy peasey places to have sun puddle naps, but I am chasin’ around the house as Miss Sun moves about in the sky with the seasons. I’ve even been known to get to my sun puddle spot BEFORE Miss Sun gets there!

Nope, the sun hasn’t shown up just yet, but she will

Once she shows up, Nanuk and I have a wonderful time basking in the glory of her warmth.

ahhhh—this is the life, right Nanuk?

But like always, somebody always shows up to disturb our hours of bliss.

Who invited you? There is only enough room here for us.

Sometimes I like to just stretch out so’s my whole body gets the heat treatment.

Top half first, then I’ll flip to get the bottom half.

Other times I like to let Miss Sun know how much I am enjoying her and I kind’a wave at her to let her.

Hey Miss Sun!! Can you see me? Do you know I luv you?

Again, somebody has to show up and intrude on my joyful greetings.

Not you again! How many times do I have to say “move on”??

And of course, I have now found Miss Sun is shining her lovely warm heat on the day bed in Dad P’s office. So I am now claiming that spot all for myself.


Now you tell me, are you chasing sun puddles with this new time adjustment and whatnot? Miss Sun sure does make it a challenge when she starts reacting all crazy like with the changes in the seasons too.


Wordless Is Not Meaningless…

wordless caturday

Paw pats, Savannah

Friday Frolics…and Hope for MJ!


First…my good furriend Basil posted today that MJ has a prospective visitor coming on Saturday…for a real home, not just foster!!!!!!!!!!  So purrlease, keep all purrs, woos, woofs, wheeks, paws crossed and aimed toward England so we can see MJ find a furrever home…be sure to hop over to Basil’s post today and see some great video of cute little MJ playing…what a pretty black panfur she is!

My red stringy

My red stringy

Also, in case you missed it…my blogging buddy Nissy, over at Nerissa’s Life, has had a major WIN with ‘spell check’ feature on Face Book.  You know how Nissy coined the word “MOUSES!” …well FB no longer RED LINES it as a misspelled work!! Nissy is waiting now for approval from the Oxford Dictionary….WOO HOO NISSSY!! MOUSES!!

I will have some photos and updates on my Monday Meowsie News about Cousin Leo and Dad Dave…and hopefully a teeny little announcement from them…

But as for me…I have had some photo shoots with Mom as she tried to get just the right photos of me to submit for the Cat Blogosphere 2014 Calendar.  She followed advice from Katie and Glogirly and worked hard to get “natural light” and to get “down on my level”…heh…heh…

Now I hardly EVER touch this purple fishy…but as soon as Mom tried to get photos of my gorgeous face…I snatched it right up to my mouth…

…what?…you want more…sure…snicker, snicker…

…so then I let her toss my purple fishy away…bwwaaahahahahaha…

Yeah, yeah…she finally got a couple of good ones later on…I’ll let her share on Monday Meowsie News…and we sent in a couple of Cousin Leo too…he just needs to “get a blog address”…hint, hint Dad Dave…..

The last bestest ever thing that happened as soon as Cousin Leo left my castle…I almost immediately started to play more, use my tunnels again, AND I am sleeping in the way cool new bed Mom bought from Cats Love Naps.  We saw them on The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey and Mom ordered one each for me and Cousin Leo. He got in his right away…but I waited to use mine until he left my castle…now you can find me in it every single day!!!

Have a great Friday and make some time to Frolic…

Paw Pats, Savannah

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