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Selfie Art v08072016


So I am not so sure I can keep this up, but I am thinkin’ about trying to keep track of my selfie photo art with a date on each version. How do you keep track of your selfies so’s you don’t use the same photo all the time??? Just curious…

I’m joining my pals The Kitties Blue over at The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Paw the badge and transport over to join the fun.

Sunday Selfies BadgeFor my entry this time I asked Mom L if I could play around with a new online photo editor. She helped me search and we found LunaPic. Sure was fun getting to try some of their nifty effects.

water ripples

That water rippling was pretty special, right? But I couldn’t stop there, so we tried their beveled frame and a watermark too. Oh yeah, and we used the “famous art” effect which is a “new” feature according to them.

Nana and Ms Mouse

Mom L and Dad P are liking the water effect and I’m liking the famous art effect. Which one do you think is the most “effective”!


PeeEss…Please don’t forget to help me keep #mommakatssearch front and center on as many social media channels as possible. She is still searchin’ and searchin’ for someone to love her enough to give her that permanent home she’s hoping for. I can’t thank all of you who are helping enough. She and her kittens deserve the best this planet can give them.

Paw the badge to zip back to my blog post to refresh your memory about how courageous Momma Kat is. And watch one of the videos again to remember just how doggone cute those kittens are too!

Please be sure to use her special hash tag wherever you share her. #mommakatssearch

Momma kats search badge

And you can always use the special graphic my pals from Three Chatty Cats made just for Momma Kat. It does a great job of telling her story and providing contact information. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

Momma Kat's Story

Flashback Sunday Selfie


I am baaaacck! I know I gave my blog over to Mom L on Friday July 15, but hey!—she had that ahhhmaazzing post to share about Project Bay Cats!

So moving on to this week’s entry for my Sunday Selfie so I can join The Kitties Blue from, The Cat On My Head,  in their globally infamous SUNDAY SELFIE BLOG HOP!!

Sunday Selfies Badge


This is a FLASH BACK from three years ago. I think you will see that even then I was workin’ on my recovery and learning to play like a crazy cat!!

Crazy cat

Paw Pats, Savannah

VET Techs Caught Loafing


Truth to share; I had to visit the VET place again this past week. And there I found the same ‘loafing around ‘ feline  VET tech staff’ I have encountered before.

While I am waiting, shivering with anxiety, mewing from the horrible ‘take her temp’ words…here is the first feline VET tech who decided he wanted to do a “SELFIE”.  Seriously???  And Mom L accommodated him!!

Hey Savvy! You know they will do the "take her temp" thing...heh...heh

Hey Savvy! You know they will do the “take her temp” thing…heh…heh

And I looked around the office to find find somecat, any cat, who might be willing to help me make a break for it. And I focused on the Admission Feline Vet Tech…alas…he was so totally out of it on the free Nip he receives as payment for his services, he was totally unable to help me.

All he did was ask “Got iPhone?”…

Take my SELFIE and maybe I will eliminate the "temp" test

Take my SELFIE and maybe I will eliminate the “temp” test

I almost feinted!!!. More about my whole reason for the VET visit soon.

Be sure to paw the badge below to transport over to like a kabillion other fun Sunday  Selfie photos from all species!!!  Thank you to The Cat On My Head clan for hosting this wonderful Blog Hop.

Sunday Selfies Badge


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