Savannah's Paw Tracks

Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Hoover Thursday…ggrrrooowwl hisssss…whine…

I say DOWN with any day that allows the HOOVER thingy to roam all over my  house!

I start my day just like always…hangin’ in bed with Mom watching the news…getting some brushing and nice chin and head rubs…readin’ the newspaper and whatnot…


Then I go upstairs for my morning nap…in my special bed in Mom’s office window…nice!

…now they go off to do their volunteer work at Kitty Corner…remember??? my former digs…so off they go.

THEN…WHAMMOOO…I hear Auntie Shannon come in sayin’ “Hi Savannah…Hi Kitty…” and now I know what day this is…HOOVER day…OH NO!

So I of course hide under a bed and wait……… fooorrrrreeeevvvveeerrrrr….for Mom and Dad to come home and make the HOOVER go away! Fiiinnnnaalllllyyy,,,.they come back and Auntie Shannon leaves. WHEW!

I am about to take my much deserved, and needed nap…and in walks Mom and she asks me…”Savannah, wanna play honey?”  And you can figure for yourselves what I had to say to her….haaarrrumphp

soooo….does anyone else out there have to put up with this HOOVER day thingy??? Am I alone in having to deal with this indignation once a week…?????

Let me hear from you guys….Paw pats, Savannah

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4 thoughts on “Hoover Thursday…ggrrrooowwl hisssss…whine…

  1. Yep, once a week out comes not a Hoover but something we think is just as loud! Our mom uses a “Shop Vac” on the carpet! She says its cause of the parrots and not us super-clean kitties (yea, we don’t shed or drag our butts or anything!)

  2. I confess- I’m afraid of the vacuum!

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