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ALERT! Itsy Bitsy Progress…YES Again!

OK,OK,OK,OK…so in my post on April 17, the one about Fitness for Cats…ya remember I had some video and stuff on trying to get my abs in shape.  Well, anyways….one of my fav blogs I follow is Animal Couriers and they made this comment about that post…

“Ha, we saw your lovely tummy! Have you let the peeps touch it yet?”  To which I gave a huge shout out…ARE YOU KIDDING! NO WAY!  TOOOOO PERSONAL!!

Well…drum roll please (boom booom booom)…

yesterday I was totally relaxed and Mom was next to me petting me really nice…and I forgot my fear for a bit…and I let Mom pet my tummy!!!!!  Ooohhhh…I closed my eyes…didn’t twitch my tail…totally relaxed and trusting Mom to give my tummy soft little rubs and strokes.  ummmmmmmm…nice….sigh…

You can sorta see my tummy in this photo…course Mom couldn’t get a picture when I let her pet my tummy ‘cuz I would of left…MOL…but you can see my tummy is pretty and soft…

Well that’s it for today…I just had to share my progress in my mental recovery…

Paw pats to  all, and Happy Friday!  Savannah 

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4 thoughts on “ALERT! Itsy Bitsy Progress…YES Again!

  1. YAYYYYY!!!!! You are gonna be a total lap cat before ya know it!

  2. Way to go Savannah. That really is progress!!! We have a cat which we rescued as a kitten and at six, he still won’t let us touch his tum (meany!). You are a gal!

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