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HELP! I Need Blanket Techniques!

Hey All…you know I outed myself as a “BLANKET CAT”…right?!  And I have shown you me as a lump in some photos. Well, Mom took a bit of a liberty with me when I was tryin’ to get under on my own…I usually let them help me by holding the blankie up and pretending there are mice in bed…then I dive under and pretend to lose the mice…and I just sort’a fall asleep.

Weellllll….I tried to do it myself and it wasn’t pretty…

yup!!! That’s my butt and tail hangin’ out there for all to see…no hiding it! I couldn’t get the blankie to let me all the way in.

Then I turned around and it still didn’t work out so good…

Now here I am looking out…I know they can see me…and of course…here comes the dreaded camera!

So for all my furriends who read this blog…please, please, please…if you have better techniques for getting under the blankie ALLLLL THE WAYYYYY…tell me!

Thanks, paw pats, Savannah 

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7 thoughts on “HELP! I Need Blanket Techniques!

  1. Sorry! No advice from my purr crew. They don’t see any point in getting under the blankets by themselves when there is a purrfectly good servant to assist them.

    Stopping by from the Pet Blogger Hop to say Hi!

  2. June Buggie here. Purrsonally I prefer to NOT be totally covered…. EXCEPT when Jen is spreading the sheets on the bed while making it. While the sheet rides the air pocket prior to settling on the mattress, I’m diving below so as to be completely submerged beneath. Ahhhhhhh!!!!

    • Oh Cat! That sounds so great! My problem is that I am terrified of anything moving above my head so it will be a while before I can even think about running under the sheets when Dad makes the bed. Paw waves, Savannah

  3. But you look so great with the blue blanket over your head!

    • you are too kind! but thank you ever so much. It is my fav blankie ‘cept it is getting pretty warm here now and I think I will check out the light weight sheet colors Mom has in mind for my Summer. Paw pats, Savannah

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