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BREAK THROUGH…tiny paw steps forward again

Ok, it may not seem like lots to some…BUT…I totally flabbergasted Mom and Dad last night…myself too actually.

They were all relaxed and watching TV in our family room…and you may remember I used to hang with them in there at night, sit with Mom and watch TV too.  Then I had the “SET BACK” about 7 or so weeks ago and just stopped hanging with them in the family room at night.

Well…I always have my after dinner snack at my breakfast room feeding station…then I walk through the family room, usually about 7PM or so…and walk right in front of the TV, give them the “look” that says “sorry, can’t stay…stuff to do…” and keep on walking down the hall…then I return in about an hour to let them know I am ready to play  and have them join ME in  our bedroom.

Weeellllllll…last night…drum roll again please! BA BOOM BA BOOM…I started my stroll past the TV, then Mom invited me over to the couch…and WHAMMO…I hung a left and walked right over to the couch and jumped up!!! YES!

Dad was so startled he stopped the show they were watching…then I checked out what was left on Mom’s dinner plate, another thing I NEVER do…then I jumped on the back of the couch and walked back and forth sniffing…I NEVER do that either!!!

Oh My Cat!! so now Mom is shocked like…and they left the TV off so long it went to that thingy where the ICON just starts rolling around on the screen and I watched that a teeny bit with them…then Mom gave me a pet and I jumped down..that’s it….that’s my BREAK THROUGH for last night!

Pretty cool huh? No photos of course ‘cuz it all happend so unexpected like…Dad couldn’t grab the picture taking thingy.

So this  morning, I was hangin’ out in the entry with my furriend Nanuk and we talked about last night…he is my “pretend” Sibe pal…I get courage from Nanuk.  He thought I did a great job last night.

So later, they came back to the bedroom earlier than usual just to reward me…and  I played lots with Dad and Mom…

…we all finished watching TV there.

Pa w pats to all, Savannah

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13 thoughts on “BREAK THROUGH…tiny paw steps forward again

  1. Concatulations Savannah! Every step forward is a BIG one in the scheme of things…….Wahoo!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  2. small victories are big steps!

  3. Hawoooo kitteh! We knew Nanuk would help, have a beautiful day mate! Husky hugs,


  4. catfromhell on said:

    Rock on Savannah!
    Baby Steps and its great that yous keeps surprizing them!

  5. Very happy for you, Miss Savannah. Kitty hugs

  6. Susan Mullen on said:

    Savannah, that’s wonderful news! I’m glad you had a friend, Nanuk, to share it with. Also, you are looking very elegant and refined these days. I am so glad that you are feeling able to show your inner spirit.

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