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Practicise, Practise, Practise…

I’ve been thinking, and I am gonna try to get ready to enter one of the upcoming Cat-O-Lympic events!! YES!! Gettin’ more and more confident!!

But I  know, it will take Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

So I am not much of a jumper, I kind’a don’t like getting all 4 paws off the floor at one time. But I may try for that. The one I think I might be good at is the Smackdown Event, except I don’t know what that is…hmmmm…so I think that’s the one I’ll go for!

So, I follow Leader Otis’ blog, The Blog of Otis.  And he and his Brothers Oliver and Henry are training for their own in-house catlympics which they do in October.

Leader Otis was very impressed with Mama Cat’s prowess (vocab builder)…so much so that he asked Mama Cat to train the limbo kitties for his Catlympics. I am so impressed with her training mantra, Watch, Anticipate, Act, that I had to try it myself.

Watch means to focus on the bird, know the bird; Anticipate means get ready for where it will go next; and Act means use the kill strike, smack it down, and also requires that you must have the appropriate ‘kill’ face on when you act.

That’s what I am working on now. Last night was my first workout with Mom handling the training Flying Bird.

I do my work mostly from the floor…but I get pretty good leverage given I have very well developed gluts (that’s butt muscle for the uninformed).

….now I am practicing WATCH…good eye focus on the bird…can ya see that???…

…now the bird moves and I ANTICIPATE where it is going and prepare my body for the next move…can ya see my ‘anticipation’???…(no, not the song sillies…the mood…)…and can ya see I’m startin’ to get my ‘kill’ look going too???

…ACT!!!! Check out that ‘KILL’ face!!! Nice, huh?!…except I missed the bird!!..OH MY CAT!!!…how embarrassing….

But…this was just my first training session, and like I said…Practice, Practice, Practice…

hhhmmmmmm…I wonder if I should find out what that Cat-O-Lympic event Smackdown really is???…maybe I need another training routine!!!

I guess I could at least enter the Competitive Napping…I do that one really good…hmmmm…off for Practice, Practice, Practice for that event  now….zzzzzzzzzzz

Paw pats, Savannah

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25 thoughts on “Practicise, Practise, Practise…

  1. Hiya Savannah,
    Looks like you have real chances to be a winner! Keep us updated!

  2. We think the Smackdown is fighting between two kitties but you can suggest another category – toy smackdown!!!

  3. mollieandalfie on said:

    Savannah Doll, that last move look really scarey!! Think you’ve got the face, down to a T. We’ve been asked to enter , if Smackdown is beating each other up, that’s the one we are going for! 🙂 Mummy is sending you a grown up’s note.
    Love ya loads, keep practising, yoool be great whatever you do. You’re already a winner in my eye’s. 🙂
    Alfie x

  4. Miss Satchie on said:

    oh, oh, oh, you look so pwetty auntie Savvy.

    Little Satchie likes to wun like a wace car. Can I compete with that?

    Little Satchie also like to pounce on things. Is that like Watch, Anti… Anticip… that thing… and Act?

    • Right! you have the Watch, Anticipate and Act concept (vocab builder for you sweet Satchie) down…now practice, practice, practice! And thank you ever so much for that lovely compliment…you are such a dear! As for the run like a wace car…you should have Mom suggest that as another event! Sounds like lots of competitors would show up in your age group!

  5. You’ll do great in the Cat-Olympics! We think the competitive nappin will have lots of entries from kittehz! Happy Friday, Savannah. xoxoxo

  6. Hey Savvy, Jetty here.

    BOL! No matter what event you enter, you will always be a gold medal winner in my eyes, Savvy… 🙂

  7. Well I think you will do great in whatever you enter!

  8. Oh Savannah, you have plenty of time to practice. And by the time the Olympics come around, that bird will be bald!

    • MOLMOLMOL!!! totally…its our first year, and me and Mom are kinda nervous, so we thought we would start practicing…actually…during that session I shocked Mom by doing a side ways leap, about 10 inches off the ground, all 4 paws off!!! woot!

  9. You have the “watch” down pat!

  10. Wait, I think you can smackdown a toy also! Or some vermin you find in the house. Good luck on whatever even you decide to pawticipate in.

  11. What about the event we are hosting? Best Nippy Face. How do you feel about cat nip?

  12. I think the “Smackdown” might be kitties who live together smacking each other or kitties who live with doggies smacking each other? Not sure. My Mom is a slacker and we don’t have time to “pawticipate” but we can’t wait to read everyone’s posts about it!
    Savannah we think you have your “kill” face down pat!
    Love, Cody and Mom

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