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Frivolous Friday…I Got New Swag!!!

Hiya Savannah here!!!

Well I call it my SWAG…some may call it TOYS…I call it my SWAG ‘cuz it didn’t cost me a nickle (what ever that is??)

Of course, it may have cost Mom some bucks (not sure what that is either)…and may have cost Dad some acid reflux ‘cuz of the ‘bucks’ Mom used to get my SWAG…but for me…no cost what so ever…all just because Mom worries I may get bored…MOL

…and of course, because I am an only cat and dotted upon…sigh…tough life, but some cat has to put up with it…although, I wish I could share some of my SWAG with Patches, Pooh and Snookums over at Chancy, The Gardner.  Ya see, they whispered to me in a comment on my post that Chancy gets all the toys…they don’t get hardly anything and have to take Chancy’s leftovers…no, no…I swear this is true!!!…the guys whispered behind Chancy and his Mum’s backs while they were doing Chancy’s blog.  Those purr kitties don’t get anything and no attention and they almost NEVER get to be seen or heard on the bloggy….wiping leaky eyes with paws…

But, I don’t know their address so I won’t be sending them any of my new SWAG!…not that I don’t wanna share…just, well. ya know…I am an only cat and not sure how to do that….MOL

Mom came home a couple of days ago with a whole shopping bag full of SWAG just for me! First, you need to remember I don’t much respond to nip, silver vine or any other cat treat…but good ole’ Mom…she keeps trying to get me hooked on something (whispers behind paw…I think she wants to have something she can use to manipulate me!!!)…so here are the new organic nip toys, one is a cigar! The other is a mousey looking thingy…I kind’a like the cigar…but no photos yet…

…here’s the new wand SWAG!!…woo hoo!!…one is the Kragon Dragon Fly my good furriend Texas has

First, I look at her and say “yeah? What new toys???”…(can’t let her think I am too interested…)

…whoa!! what is that thing??…looks kind’a like a cockroach to me….ick…

…oh cod!…it is running for my tummy….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…aiiieeeeyiyiyi…it flies!!!…gotta get my left hook ready to smack it down….

…oh, where did it go??…what the COD is that??!!….it is huge…and look at those feathers…be very cautious….

…now another one…hmmmm…nice leather tail stuff and looks like furry something….

…maybe just a quick taste…

…uummmpphh…missed…must keep legs under me…only move head…grab for it!!..

…OMC! moved the other way…sneaky…still must keep feet under me…move only head…go for another taste…

…MISSED AGAIN!!!…this one is pretty interesting…requires some leg and foot engagement after all..swipe…

…overhead reach…MISSED AGAIN!….

hhhmmmmmm….I think I pretty much like SOME of my SWAG…and some of it is just not quite tested yet…

I’ll let ya know when I get it all tested and give a more full report…

Paw pats, Savannah

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41 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday…I Got New Swag!!!

  1. ooooh that swag is PAWESOME! We loooves our Kragonfly! (and we thought your maneuvers were worthy of a GOLD!)

    • I like my Kragofly best when we use it on the wood floor…it is really creepy on that!…oh…and I appreciate your compliments on my maneuvers…I thought I was pretty good too…hmmmmm…wonder why I didn’t win any medal in the Catlympics??? Wonder if it was my big butt that got in the way…MOL

  2. Hey Savvy, Big Guy here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Can’t figure out why Mom’s giggling…

    Love your pics, you certainly have those bipeds figured out!

    Miss Linda, you are so thoughtful to try to find just the right SWAG… in the 10+ years Pluffy has lived here, she still can’t find the right item… they love paper grocery bags…

    Can’t wait to see more pics as you delve (vocab builder) further into the SWAG BAG!

  3. It’s such a heartwarmer to see how much fun you have and how much they love you… the world can be so gorgeous!!!!

    • thank you so much Easy! And yes, we all love each other a lot…Mom keeps saying I ‘saved’ her sanity in her first months of retirement…she used to travel the world in her consulting she travels the world through my autiobiographical blog and all the wonderful furriends we have. Paw pats, Savannah

  4. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    Wow!!! Sweet Savannah you really hauled in the SWAG. We’s so happy to hear there’s a kitty that gets lots of fun fings to plays wiff like Chancy does. We sure hopes Mumsy gets busy and fetches us lots more play fings after seein’ this post. She surely will feel sorry for us kitties when she sees these terrific pictures of you playin’ wiff all your great SWAG. Thank you for bein’ willin’ to share with us poor kitties here at Chancy’s place who takes a backseat all the time. We are gonna try to steal some blog time more offen. Hugs and nose kisses from Patches, Snookums and Pooh. Oh, and Mumsy says a big thank you for the shout out.

    • ooohhh..I so look forward to hearing more from you cats, Patches, Sookums and Pooh…on the blog posts..maybe you guys can tell us more about how you interact with Chancy??? Who REALLY RULES???…Paw Pats, Savannah

  5. I am feeling ashamed of myself for being so mean to your Mommy that she hadded to go hide UTB, and it was even MEANER of your Daddy to laff at her!! Ha ha ha! Aw, those Humans! Gotta love ’em, right? Actually, to be fair, only the first part was caterwauling; the last part when she was kinda singing your name was very sweet. She still scares me a little though, LOL!

    I am gobsmacked by the two pictures near the end where your beauteous arms are all outstretched…it makes me want to crawl right in there so you’ll be hugging and snuggling me when you put them down again. Maybe I can drop by later–we’ll boot your Mommy out from UTB and hide for awhile. ‘Kay?

    • SPITTY!!!! Miss Nellie said you are a LOTHARIO!!! are a terrible flirt!!! I must ask my Champion Big Guy Jetty to make sure your intentions toward me are PURE!!!….harruummppprfffff…

      And, my Mom is no longer UTB…she realized that you must be tone deaf!!! She has a lovely voice (JK)…

      My Mom says she would be happy to do a little walkie with your Mom if she wants to come over to the Redwoods Park sometime…just a thought…paw pats Savannah

  6. Savannah – you got some great swag there! I keep trying to talk Mommie into getting me a Da Bird but she just keeps muttering something about me already owning half of a pet store and only playing with the milk carton ring – whatever!

  7. that is wonderful swag you have there Savannah! I have the KragonFly too and LOVE IT! Tell your Mom the next one she has to get for you is “Da Bird” that Jackson Galaxy promotes….it’s even BETTER than the Kragonfly (if that’s possible!!) Love, Cody

    • oh yes!!! I have one of those already…Mom even took a couple over to the Kitty Corner Shelter where she found me…all the kittehs love that toy!!! Even the seniors!!! paw pats, Cody and also to my Little Big Man, Dakota!!

  8. M says you and I sound alike when it comes to play things. I don’t much play either – I’ve very picky. And what I might like tonight, I probably won’t like tomorrow.he he it drives M nuts.

    • YES!!! High Paws!!! That is exactly what it is…I can ignore something, like my purple feather wand toy, for months, then they bring it out and OH MY CAT!!!…it’s like I have never seen it before!! Isn’t that fun to tease the staff like that…MOL…Savannah

  9. One of our favorite toys is that Neko Fly. We could play with it all day long!! Have fun with it!!

    • well…interestingly, I didn’t even care about it…UNTIL Mom moved it off the carpet onto the wood floor…then WHAMMO!!!! It really looked real!!! I ended up panting from chasing it up and down the wood hallway!!! Whoosh…what a workout!!…Sweaty Paw Pats, Savannah

  10. mollieandalfie on said:

    Wow Savannah…yooo sure is spoilt!! I don’t get to get my swag out cos the blonde eats it all..I don’t’s mind cos she’s only a pup 🙂 Please excuse my spellins but I’s not got me glasses on, and I’ms tryin to Meeow to yooo’s. I did get a special bit of swag though..sent frew the post for mee..I’ll show yooo’s dat in a few day’s ( when the blonde goes out ) 🙂
    Loves ya Alfie

  11. Cool new stuff! Spoiled? Na, getting your just dues! You ARE the cat after all…

  12. WOW! That is some cool, cool swag Savannah, and great paw action too!

  13. That is some mighty nice swag for sure. You are one super lucky kitty to have so many toys.
    We also wanted to tell you that you can keep on bidding on the Auction for Ms.Stella until Midnight on Mon. night Aug. 6th.

  14. That looks mighty fun, Sav!
    Play bows,
    PS: We posted our cool award today!

  15. SWAG!!! Does that stand for Silly With A Gift? Cos you are! We are fools for anything that involves an item on a string.

  16. Don’t worry about the formatting. Blogger is probably worse. Takes ages to line everything up!!!

    Anyway, Savannah, your pointers for dealing with swag is noted. Some excellent manoovers (check dictionary for spelling sometime!) xox

  17. Yay Miss Savvy, you have some serious swag there. You have no excuse whatsoever to be bored now (but course, you can’t let on). Look forward to seeing the new moves you come up with next.

  18. Hi Savannah…… you sure did get lotsa new stuff! Lucky girl…..I’m glad to see I’m not the only spoiled cat around (!!:D!!).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  19. Savannah here…I am so sorry for my post looking so funky…no matter what we tried today, WP was just whonky and kept adding and removing formatting and spacing. Really, my Mom is good at this stuff and she has been working on this simple post for 2 hours ‘cuz of WP’s tech problems…at least on our blog. Hope you still enjoy it. Paw pats, Savannah

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