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Monday Meowsie News from FBI Agents Savannah and Kozmo

Hiya! Savannah Here!

As many of you already know, I am an official FBI Agent (Feline Bureau of Investigation) and known inside the agency as Agent 0.17…and I have a reputation as a ladycat with some international experience.

So it is amazing to me that my snoopervisor, Agent Kozmo , has never called on me to help with his recent troubles in locating his catnapped girl furriend, Callie (given her whining I can’t imagine why he would try to find her, but each to his own…).

Anywho, I was hanging out on our bed this week, playing a fitness video on my iPad (gives me new moves for my fitness recovery program)

…I really like doing floor workouts…

…then, I heard my incoming email bell.  I quickly checked…and Holy Catfish! It was a message from FBI HQ!!!

 I quickly shut down my game and read the message…it was about some dude flying in from China names Xui Ooi, bringing 6 of his wives and 16 kittens with him.  Hmmmmm…wonder why that matters????  Anyways, HQ tells me that Agent Kozmo will be in touch with more information.

 Then I hear the incoming email ping again…IT’S KOZMO! FINALLY!…

…he has more leads about Callie’s catnapper…all he has known up ‘til now is that it is one of Nellie’s exe’s who likes eggrolls.

Oh Cat! Kozmo tells me that this dude, Xui Ooi, arrived in the USA about a week before Callie went missing and he was actually IN HOUSTON the day she disappeared!!!…(wipes brow…starting to perspire(vocab builder project VBP)…

Koz tells me to get to San Francisco lickity split…(is that fast???)…and try to like hang out with the wives.

So I grab a ticket at my local BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train station…

… and stroll through the entrance…

…casual like…no hurry…can’t draw any attention…

Then I go straight to the Mandarin Oriental where Xui Ooi and his family are hanging out; they have a Signature Mandarin King Suite…hmmmm…now I know Callie would just luvluvluv that…hmmmmm…wonder who made that reservation????

Anyways, sorry for the digression…I know Kozmo has already been in San Francisco with Agent Spitty  but to no avail…sigh..

So I decide to go undercover to the spa close to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel…hoping to meet one of the wives…and SUCCESS!!!  Ariva shows up for a mani, pedi…and we have a nice long cat chat…

We agree to have a shopping spree together with a couple of the other wives the next day, so I grab a hotel room in San Francisco, at the Mark Hopkins.  Then the next day  we meet up outside Neiman Marcus to do some serious shopping!

 We all just luvluvluv designer stuff…and the FBI approved a $4000 USD expense for maintaining my cover…WOO HOO…ahem…I mean…I just had to spend, right???…to keep my cover, right???

And then I take the wives to my fave BLING shopping spot…TIFFANY’S!!

…well!!…who knew what coincidences were happening!…I get back to my room…and Kozmo has sent me a photo taken from a store security cam…and guess where it was taken???? and who was in it????? Go on, guess????…(tapping nail up, down, up, down…waiting for readers to guess…)

…OK…here it is!!!….

…CALLIE!! Efurrybody knows she is addicted to BLING and look at her…trying to go unnoticed in that little hot pink hat number…and check out the dude in front of her….hmmmmmm….betcha’ Nellie will recognize him…maybe even Kozmo will!

So, I arrange for Xui and his two wives Ariva and Phi to meet with me and my husband (Koz in undercover role) at the Mandarin Brasserie for niptinis, shaken not stirred.  I hope that Kozmo can detect whether or not Xui has Callie or perhaps aided in her abduction (VBP).

Being the skilled and experienced international ladycat agent that I am…when we meet Xui, I present him with my personal identification card (no, I was not dumb enough to give him my FBI ID! sheesh!)…Xui is stunned that I show him honor by using the proper wayof presenting my card…I hold the two top  edges in my paws, with the writing facing Xui and present it to him as I bow…then I use my paw, NOT JUST ONE CLAW, to direct them all over to the table I have reserved…(pretty cool huh?!)

Poor Kozmo, he is so overcome and distraught…he BREAKS COVER and blurts out to Xui “why did you scruff my Callie like some dirt bag catnapper???”…I reach over and stroke Koz’ ruffled hackles and smooth his tail back to its proper size…then Xui speaks…

“I only remember Peni from years ago on a ski trip to Whistler…I asked her to be my 3rd wife then and she turned me down…she was not yet ready to settle down…then she left me”.

So, I thanked Xui and Ariva and Phi, and Koz and I headed back across the bay on BART to my place.

Back to the iPad and more research…poor Kozmo had another dead end to face and still no idea of Callie’s current whereabouts…Kozmo finally hopped into my transportation vortex, decidedly more creative than his,  and headed home…(whispers behind paw…he was so anxious I had to whisper encouragement in his ears as he left…and he squuueeeed in worry over Callie…)

I grabbed some much needed shut eye in my office bed…whew…what a whirlwind few days…and my first ever FBI assignment!!!

Paw pats, Savannah

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27 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News from FBI Agents Savannah and Kozmo

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  2. I don’t think that Catnapper is even a CAT! Excellent detective work, my darling, and a fine commercial for our BART trains! The Mark? Really? That musta set you back like eight hundred green papers, not to mention the ROOM SERVICE! And I do hope you picke dup a little something for yourself at Tiffany’s…a diamond tiara perhaps?? XOXOXO You did an EXCELLENT job of repurrting on your adventures!

  3. Wow Savvy I am impawressed!

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  4. Savvy, you did a great job! Much better than Kozmo’s if I may…
    The suspense has become intolerable (vocab building project VBP)!

  5. This is incredible, Savvy!! You JUST missed Callie!

  6. Wow! Whee wanna be secret agents! Maybe whee need to set up our own version.

    The CIA . . . Cavy Investigations Agency!

    That’s so cool. Thanks Savvy for inspiring us, whee are gonna be agents! Of course there will be training so whee will get down to it. But expect to see something about us being agents on the blog in a few days!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  7. Concatulations on being called on for your first mission with the FBI Savvy! I’ll NEVER forget mine – it was quite a challenge. Sounds like you did a super job assisting Kozmo and no doubt the information you gathered will be CRUCIAL to the search for the missing Callie!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  8. I’m sure you need that nap after all that hard work!

  9. Hilarious! You are one busy cat.

  10. Wow Savannah, that’s better than watching TV!!!! but the best: my mom was nearly unconscious about the shopping trip He, He!

  11. mollieandalfie on said:

    Wow Savannah Doll , youz is a secret Kitty..who would believe youz was an agent..I alwayz fawght’z there waz more to youz, than youz waz telling uz..MOL
    Have a great Nap, I finkz youz have deserved it 🙂
    All my loves Alfie ( BOND , Alfie Bond! ) xx00xx

  12. Exciting stuff miss savvy:-)

  13. What fun and it sounds like the adventure isn’t over yet!

  14. I did not know of this Feline Bureau of Investigation, much less that you were in it. Very interesting indeed. Now that I think of it, does CIA stand for Cats In Action?

  15. Charlotte on said:

    What a great assignment from the FBI:) You handled everything purrfectly and I hope you get lots of zzzz’s:) You need to rest up for the next assignment:)

  16. Miss Satchie on said:

    wowzers. What an adventure!

    Hope one day I get to go on a mission with you!

  17. Goodness, what an adventure you had! At least it got you out of the way of all the boxes at your place!

  18. catfromhell on said:

    Dear Savannah,
    Thanks so much for helping Kozmo! I am sure your version of events is MUCH more truthful than his!!! are correct in your assumptions about Callie. I do find her singing a little skreechy. And how Kozmo expects to keep her in Bling, I’ll never figure out.

  19. Savvy, thank you for trying to find Callie. While I will never, ever say this to her, I am kind of missing her…..

  20. What a crazy adventure you had! I wish I could be an FBI agent!

    (we added the follow by email button, let us know if it doesn’t work)

  21. Wow, Savannah, we are on the edge of our floor reading all about your big adventure. We wish we knew all the other participants. We hope Callie can be found safely.

    BTW, we forgot to answer your question – Phantom will be 14 in November, and yes, he is feeling a little better this week.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. Zowie – that was some adventure. I’m very impressed that you are an agent and everything. I’m into solving mysteries myself. I’ll clue you in “whispering – it’s always the butler that did it.”

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