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Monday Meowsie News…It’s Gonna Be Good!


I told Mom and Dad I wanna make catgone sure efurryone remembers that THIS BLOGGY…well…it’s MY BLOGGY…so let’s start with some news about me.

Even though foster brofur Leo (FB Leo) has been playing with my very special, and sensitive technical teleport tunnels…I think you all should know…I am not a ‘sissy ladycat’…I can still play and be flirty and all that stuff even if FB Leo has rubbed his icky mancat smells all over my tunnels…

…WHAT??!!…I KNOW “HE” has been here…


…and “lalala..hahaha…I don’t care…heh…heh…


…yup, I can flip and twirl and flirt…


…ooopps!!…Oh My Cat!!…his smell…right next to my special 3 way Teleport Tunnel…


…pppffttt!…WHO CARES!!!…THIS IS MY CASTLE!!!…


…Oh Cat!…I got some of his smells on my toesies…YUK!!


..Woo Hoo…who cares??!!…sometimes I make myself laugh!…bwahahahaha!!


Ok, ok…so…moving on to other Monday Meowsie News…yeah, yeah…about FB Leo…and his Vet Check on Friday…

APAWS!!!  FB Leo GAINED WEIGHT!!…He broke the 12 pound barrier.  When FB Leo was first owner surrendered at the county kill shelter, he was noted as “obese” at take in…he weighed a bit over 15 pounds.  When it was discovered he was not well…he weighed in at about 11 pounds…


He has never gone over 11.9 pounds until last Friday…and he weighed in at 12.2 pounds!!! Dr Ellis, Civic Feline Clinic, was over joyed!!   FB Leo has turned a very impawtant corner…and he will have some news to share next Monday…July 1rst…so be sure to come on back…

Leo was so kindly embraced by all of blogville…and when Mollie and Alfie sponsored an auction and raffle to help pay for his medical care…the winner of the Grand Prize Raffle was kind enough to give Leo this special win…it was donated by My Three Moggies…it was a gift voucher for 75 USD.  Da Tabbies O’ Trout Towne won the raffle Grand Prize and turned around and gave it to FB Leo to spend as his heart desired…

And that he did!!…Leo so wanted a Cat Tower like mine…you all know…mine is pretty nice…but Mom and Dad thought he should try something a bit different…so they ordered this one online…

Well, you can see the problem…Leo is bigger than the top platform…so…back that Cat Tower went…

So, Mom and Dad felt so badly he had to give up his first ever very own tower…they allowed him to come into OUR MASTER BEDROOM!!…My last sanctuary…haruummppfff..(click on a photo to bigify and/or switch to slide show mode)

Well, as you can see…we are still living two different lives…but FB Leo is doing so well…he can now find his very own Castle…more about that next Monday Meowsie News…it will take a whole blogville village…but Leo will have his special Castle where he can have all the human attention he so desires…just wait and see…

Paw Pats, Savannah

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52 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…It’s Gonna Be Good!

  1. Savvy, we loved all your antics and the continuing good news about Leo. You have been a very tolerant kitty and deserve our apaws. Can’t hardly wait to hear leo’s news next Monday. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  2. I love to see you both in the rolling-poses. Did someone spread catnip all over the place..MOL 😀

  3. spittythekitty on said:

    Hi sweet girl, Well I hear you had to endure my Human getting all grabby-hands with you & invading your personal space today. SEE what I have to put up with??? Anyhow, she did make a post tonight, but I gotta warn you: there’s a lot about that Orange Intruder. You might wanna have a Niptini before you look!

    • aiiieeee!!! Spitty!! How ever do you PUT UP WITH THAT HUMAN??!!….she just cannot keep her human paws to herself! And poor Foster Brofur Leo…he got the worst of her behavior…just sayin’….paw hugs, Savvy

  4. How much did he love that tower?!! I can’t wait until he finds his own special home!

  5. Leo has come on leaps and bounds, its wonderful to see 🙂

  6. It is so nice to see him rub the platform and feel happy!
    I could watch the video over and over again!

  7. That Leo is one cool yoga kitty and he will make some human out there very happy! Meow and Namaste! ~ Pippy the Feline Yogini

  8. Oh Savvy what a brave girl not worrying about mancat Leos stanky smells ! but what great news he has chubbied up a bit,thats so good and I am sure he will soon have his own place to leave his stanky smell! big hugs from fozziemum to all of you..even FB Leo…a guys gotta get some love hey 😉

  9. theislandcats on said:

    Savvy, it’s great that you don’t let Leo’s smells bother you at all! We love how you laff it off!! Haha!!

    And YAY for Leo gaining weight. We know he will find the purrfect home!

  10. It’s so wonderful to see you rolling and flirting, and to see Leo looking happy too. (Though what’s with him barging into your tent? Seriously. Doesn’t he know that’s a “No Boys Allowed” clubhouse?)

    Leo seems like a cat who really deserves the perfect home. If you don’t decide that you can accept him as a roommate we know your global search will find him something fantastic. Our head peep keeps talking herself out of offering to take him because we think he deserves someone at home more hours than we currently have.

    • ohhhh…you are so kind to even consider taking FB Leo…and yes…he is very needy regards to human attention…but with other cat/s in the home…who knows…but we just hope we can keep him in blogville somehow…he has an unfolding story to tell…and only time can do that…sigh

  11. Seeing Leo doing so well makes us all happy sweet Savannah but you are always the cat’s meow!

  12. They think you’re rolling with happiness but we know you’ve got to get that icky Leo smell out of that carpet and get the proper Savvy smell in! I have to do it all the time with our beds – except my own special bed which is too small for the big guy. The Help is talking about getting me a new bed because he broke down the sides of mine – I wish she’d hurry up.
    Glad to see FB Leo is doing well and looking forward to hearing about his own, new castle so that you can have your castle back and it will be a happy ever after story. The sort of story I like best 🙂

  13. spittythekitty on said:

    Hello my sweet (and sweet Leo too) Yes!!! The Human will be there tomorrow–yes, you *should* let her see you but I warn you: She’s apt to get all grabby hands, so watch out! XOXOXO

  14. Colehaus Cats on said:

    Yippee for Leo! So much good news and rubbing over Leo smells. Atta girl! Purrs…

  15. Awwww, sweet Savannah you got that flirtin’ stuff down pat for sure. That was some good rollin’ you did. Sorry the tower didn’t work out for Leo. We are happy to hear he gained some weight. Hugs and nose kisses

  16. Yow Savannah dat’z a gurl!! Rub n roll n flirt n play n get rid of Leo’z scent!!! He iz just ‘borrowin’ fingz til he getz hiz own ‘castle’ wif Hu’man slavez…er me meanz peeple who LUB him!!!! MOL!!! Me LUBZ da laffin photo!!! You iz so adorable!!!
    N we iz rootin fer LEO to find a furever home n now dat he haz terned all da cornerz n lookz better n iz eatin & gainin weight sumone will fall in LUB wif him!!!!
    Da ya wanna Tellyport over here Savannah?? Me wuud lub to have ya bizit!!!
    Lub Nylablue n her Mum xo

  17. Savannah, we love seeing you be all cute and flirtatious. Great pics for us too.

    Great news on Leo, both the weight gain and the potential future home. You have to admit he sure is cute..

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. Whoa! Tht frosted bruv leaves no stone unturned, does he. Just thinking, maybe Spitty will like Leo better than you do now that he’s tutored and everything. Just a suggestions. I’m glad the peeps know who’s blog this is and have some really nice pics of you playing. I wanna play right now but TW is on the ‘puter. I won’t play with Pop for some reason.

    • I know CK, he just has to sniff everything…then I have to get Mom to spray it with my Spirit of Essence “Scardy Cat” so’s I can use it again…I am not playing much with Dad right now myself…we all think I am showing some stress…sigh

  19. what a good news this is. thanks to your humans for taking in FB Leo. he sure deserves his very own castle. we purr this will happen soon.

    Emma and Buster

  20. I just can’t help but think it won’t be that difficult to find Leo a home – he is SUCH a cool kitty!

  21. Oh Savvy this is such great news you shared today and we are so happy about Leo!

  22. Savvy, I believe you are a bit of a flirt!!! Hehe!!

    So good to see FB Leo doing so well and we can’t wait to hear the big news. Mum says if she was on the same continent she would have him like a shot, but I’m not so sure! I have a checkered history with gingers!!!

    ciao, Austin xx

  23. It made us all so happy to see Leo in the video. He looks so happy and healthy! Thank you!

  24. Your flirties have me laughing too Savvy…you’re just too cute…It’s all great news about Leo…You have done so much to help him and it shows

  25. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    savvy…we iz knot meenin ta ignore ewe N yur post but we had ta say ta leo….dood, even if de top perch bee way two small, it must bee sprayed with sum grate nip smellz coz ewe iz lovin de odorz !!! way kewl mewvie…we gived it 25 paws up !!!

    pea ess…heerz a thought

    savvy: momz kitteh
    leo: dadz kitteh

    🙂 !!! huh….think bout it 🙂

    • that is zactly what Mom thought!! He went crazypants over every piece of that cat tree…but it had to go back it was just too small for him. The one he exchanged it for did not make him go crazy pants so I bet they spray something on that other one…it was from Amarakat brand I think

  26. *tapping nervously with my fingers* What might the great news be?
    *biting my lip* You fell in love with Leo after you rolled around in his scent?
    *chewing nervously on my hair* Now you want his babies – and that is why he has to go – to make you feel better about never having your own? 😉
    Just kidding, Savvy, cos that is a game two .. you know …

    So nice of you to wait for my vacations with the news. If I did not live on the “other side” of this planet, did not have my two lovely cats – I would definitely apply for Leo.
    But never get more cats than you have hands to pet them I say. So two is my limit. And the flight here would not be good for him, anyway, far too long a journey. I am sure he finds a lovely home nearer to your parents’ place.

    • Mom and Dad want Leo really badly…but they want me even more…we are still trying so that is why we are not launching an official search for his own castle until July 1. Mom and Dad wanted one more week to try to introduce us physically. I think I will just go UTB until it is all over and that will crush Mom and Dad…Leo is prolly not gonna care..he is cool with other kitties

      • A week? *smiling* Nice try .. Have your parents tried Feliway? There is a blogger around, who introduced a third cat to her two others. That was .. complicated .. but Feliway helped – and others answered, they were content with the result, too.

  27. That is very good of you to share Savvy! We know it is hard, but it is a good thing to do.

    Leo! You are looking so good buddy! Keep up the good eating! We bet you get another castle soon!

  28. You are a sweet girl, Savvy, for allowing FB Leo to share YOUR castle. I do hope that the news on July 1st is that FB Leo has a potential forever castle. He looks great, and I love seeing him play!! You and the parents have done wonders for him. Much love to all!

  29. Hi Savvy…….we hope your news about Leo next week will be that he just might already have a forever home but we also know it’s better he have the RIGHT home and not just ANY home – that may take a while. You look pretty happy rolling around on the floor even though Leo has been on your territory for a while. It’s very sweet of you to share with the “less fortunate” !!! Happy Monday……

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

    • No, no he doesn’t have a furrever home, I thinki misled furriends. We will launch a global search for his purrfect home and you, mentor Sammy, will be part of that. Mom just needs time to get the search together cuz he must have a special home that understands he is not completely out of the trees cuz he will likely have separation anxiety when he leaves Dad…sigh…this is hard

  30. Super news that you can rise above the despoilment of your personal space and technology Savvy 😉 Things really are looking up for dear Leo and that makes us all so happy.

  31. For a minute there we thought the F was going to be dropped and he was going to be a permanent fixture. But now we kinda think you must have found a home for him. I will try to come back by later to see. ~Scylla

  32. This moments that we are happy, when someone gained weight – but I’m very happy about all this news. I hope he will get his own tower with a big platform – every kitty need such a thingy for watching windows-tv :o)

  33. mollieandalfie on said:

    It is so nice to see you playing Savvy and to see FB having a great time, it is just wonderful that Leo is doing so well.. Hugs xxx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  34. Oh I would have loved Leo 🙂

    • He would luvluvluv the boys…but he is definitely an indoor only kitty…he has never been outside and would be in grave danger if he went out…we are preparing for his global effort to find his perfect home, will be back to you later this week

  35. Katie Isabella on said:

    Oh I am so so so SO happy to see Leo playing on his tower platform that was too small but a joy to see him on it rolling and kicking. I loved seeing where he was and what he was doing. This whole bloggie made me and mommy FURRY happies. Leo, we kove you too, sweet boy. Savvy, you and your family are special beyond my finding words to tell you.

  36. He looked quite excited about that tower, even if it was a bit on the small side for him.

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