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Be the Miracle: Monday Meowsie News


This is a bit of a long blog post but I am hoping you will stick with me and Mom L.  I am going to allow her to start off.  We have a story to share and in my next post, some news about my recovery progress of which The Kid Sage has become an important part.


First…Mom L has to start off…this is about Pawing It Forward in the Spirit of one of the greatest Cat Leaders ever…Leader Otis, The Blog of Otis.  You see, Leader Otis’ blog and his web site were the very first cat blog we found.  His leadership and wisdom has meant a lot to all of us; Dad P follows his blog just like I do.

Savvy: “Mom L?  Your turn now”

Mom L: “Thanks Nana…I appreciate you letting me start off.”

So everyone, Mom Linda Here.

I have waited 6 months before I attempted to share our story about bringing The Kid Sage into Savannah’s castle.

Peter and I missed having Cuzin Leo and Peter so wanted a cat who would not be as timid of him as sweet Nana is.  She shows Peter lots of affection, but she is, and likely will remain, more wary of men than women for whatever reason.

We decided to wait patiently for a black panther cat…from research we knew that gender was less a consideration than personality and age. We needed a non-dominant cat, outgoing, but calm and the age needed to be between 10 mos to 2 years.  Nana is about 7-8 years and we wanted a cat who was still young enough to not be quite territorial.  And a black panther because we know from our volunteer work that black cats truly are not adopted very quickly.

We visited cats whenever we found a likely candidate…we started searching about September, 2013–but no one fit our need.  Contra Costa Humane Society, where you all know we found our very special and precious Princess Savannah *Mom L blows Nana a kiss*…and we volunteer there as well…well the adoption manager Miss Chrissy knew of our search and kept an eye out for cats she could pull from the county shelter who might fit our needs.

She called one day in last October, two sisters were pulled from the county…they were coal black, no white anywhere, and about 15 months old.  They had been left by their former guardians in a box inside a Pet Food Express store.  We learned later that the guardians had cared for these two girls so well, and had socialized them to be perfect little calm lady cats.  Those first guardians were being forced to live on the street and did not want their two girls to have to live like that.  We are fortunate to have been able to adopt Sage….her sister was adopted quickly as well.

Back to my story. We visited Kitty Corner, our CCHS free roam cat shelter…on Monday, October 28, 2013.  Here is our first encounter with The Kid Sage…

We stayed a while to see her with the other cats, to play with her and get to know her…she was so affectionate right from the beginning…you can fast forward to about 1:26 and you can see her head butt Peter…won his heart right there!

So we went home to ponder adopting another cat knowing how timid and lacking in self confidence Nana is.  Unknown to us, on that very day Monday October 28 2013, Leader Otis took his trip to The Bridge after a very long battle with a nerve disease.

We did not know until Brother Henry posted on Wednesday, October 30th that Leader Otis had passed from our world…

His Guardians cared for him so well and loved him so very much.  On Thursday, October 31, 2013…Leader Otis’ Guardians posted his final message to all his followers…here is the part he said that forever changed the lives of Peter, me, Savannah and Sage:

The miracle that saved My life happened seven years ago when two humans looked out into their yard and saw a desperate, starving kitten looking back at them.  They didn’t know who I was or where I had come from. They didn’t know what potential lay within Me, or the cat that I could become. They only knew that I needed their help. The miracle happened when they made the choice to rescue Me.

Although My spirit has departed, a part of Me will remain. When you look out into the world without walls and see a cat in need looking back at you, I will be there by your side. You will feel My soft breath on your cheek and My purrs of encouragement in your ear. Listen closely, and through the purrs you will hear My final commandment come to you in a whisper.

Be the miracle.

Friday morning, November 1, 2013,  as soon as the adoption manager arrived at work…we accepted Leader Otis’ whispers we could already hear in our heads, and his purrs we were feeling in our hearts…and we took Sage home with us to her personal Promised Land.  We fostered her two months to make sure we thought we could work with Nana to accept another cat…and on January 3, 2014, we officially made Sage part of our family.

We thank Leader Otis for encouraging us to Be The Miracle for a cat who started out in limbo in a box in a pet food store…a cat who has changed our lives forever.

That is how Sage came to be in her forever home.  I felt it was time to share how much Leader Otis’s passing and final message meant to the final motivation to make a life changing decision for all of us. What true joy!

Thank you Savannah for allowing me space and time on your blog to tell Sage’s story…Leader Otis is not forgotten…he continues to be a guiding spirit in bringing many cats to their forever homes…with safe, loving and healthy living environments…

And I appreciate you all for hanging in until the end of this very long post…June is Adopt a Cat month…please encourage others to “Be The Miracle“…perhaps you know someone who might want to Be The Miracle for this precious cat…


What?  You said you want me???

What? You said you want me???

Please click HERE to learn all about here…she is waiting…desperately…for her future guardian to recognize her and to Be The Miracle for her…don’t let her languish without knowing her true home…please share her urgent plea for a home. Thank you for sharing

Many hugs, Mom Linda and Savannah

peeEss  please be sure to return on Thursday for those promised photos of the progress Savannah and Sage are making

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50 thoughts on “Be the Miracle: Monday Meowsie News

  1. Oh Savvy and Mom what a wonderful post! Love the video of Sage and Dad meeting, he was so excited to get to know her 🙂 You are amazing parents! You are carrying on the memory of Brother Otis. We stop by their blog often. So sorry we didn’t comment earlier but Mom has been so busy with work we haven’t been visiting our blogging friends like we should, nor their posts in order. Lovely, wonderful, thank you for sharing!

  2. That’s a lovely story.

  3. kittiesblue on said:

    Thanks Savannah for letting Mom Linda tell Sage’s story. It was so heartwarming. We didn’t know Otis, but he sounds as if he was a very wise and thoughtful cat. We look forward to seeing the new photos. We continue to purr and pray for Scuttles. Mom loves black panfurs so much and would like to have another someday. Ours, Thelma, was one of her “heart” kitties. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. Such a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing more of Sage’s story.

  5. That sure is a terrific story. Hope that Savannah and Sage work things out. Maybe they will get along great. Thanks for telling this great story.

  6. We just love Scuttles, we are so surprised her forever family hasn’t found her. ~Scylla

  7. Such a beautiful and touching post…thank you so much for sharing the story of Sage and the significance of Leader Otis. You truly are the miracle. xoxo

  8. such a lovely post xxx

  9. Lovely post ♡♥♡
    My mom-person was at our local Cat shelter today with a lot of catlitter and saw a cat she wanted to take home.

  10. oh great, now I have leaky eye syndrome..

    such a lovely story.. thank you for sharing it

  11. Thank you all so much. Leader Otis would be so proud that his message has had such an impact, and The Guardians, Sir Thomas, Brother Henry, and I all shed happy tears as we read this beautiful post.

    In Otis’s Name

    Brother Oliver

    • Brother Oliver…we are once again honored to feel th presence of the Cult of Otis here on our blog. We do try to follow his teachings…and honor his spirit. Truly, The Leadr’s Final Message was the final motivating factor that brought Sage here…to her own personal Promised Land. Blessings on all, nameste

  12. spittythekitty on said:

    Awwww, what a wonderful story! We really hoped S&S would work out their differences, and with wise and loving pawrents it seems they are on the road to at least peaceful coexistence…and who knows? Maybe even feline friendship?? Can’t wait to meet the New Kid XOXOXOXO and so hoping Scuttles finds a good home soon! I will share her but fear my little group of followers are pretty much the same as so many others….but who knows? XOXOXO

  13. Mommy here–crying my eyes out. I can’t wait to see Savvy and Sage together, and happy about it.

  14. Yow Miss Linda dat waz a pawsum post!!!Yya iz a furabuluss Hu’Mum n Mistur Peter iz so cute wif Sage…ya can tell it waz lub at ferst site fer him n Sage!
    Me wishez me cuud allow a seckond kitteh butt da place iz too small fer 2 kittehz…n me iz a wreck around other kittehz…
    Mum sayz me iz her meerackle 😉
    Grrreat video n bloggie Aunti!!!!!
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too ❤ ❤ ❤

  15. What a wonderful story! It’s nice to leave such an important legacy behind. Otis did that. Lives are changing.

  16. Judy & C.A.T.S on said:

    Our mom got leaky eyed reading your post. We wish we could have gotten to know Otis before he went to the Bridge. It’s a sweet tribute to him that you are sharing his message with everyone. We are so thankful that you and Sage found each other. We are also very proud of Savannah. She has really made remarkable progress considering she had such a horrible start to her life. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  17. We only came to know of Otis a few days before he ran off to the Bridge. We have followed his blog every since and remember this post and how it made us feel. We can only save them one at a time, but that is all that matters. I am so glad you found your little girl Sage and that she has the love and comfort of a forever and ever home. We too were touched by the plight of Scuttles and she too is a beautiful girl who we hope will very soon find her forever and ever home.

  18. Such a story, and the wisdom of Otis made the whiskers weepy wet. Thanks for Sharing Scuttles, she needs a miracle filled with love.

  19. tonkstail on said:

    We recall Otis’ passing, and that post. It’s so wonderful that it had this impact on you and thus Sage as well!!

  20. S & S…we loves thiz storee….. ♥♥♥♥♥

  21. That was such a heartwarming story! Sage has a found a wonderful home AND she has the purrfect name. 😀

  22. oh geez – mom has to go get a tissue. That was awesome. We follow the Blog of Otis as well and we were all sad by his crossing the Bridge. But to know that his message brought Sage to you…. we are proud to call you friends.

  23. OMC! MomKatt loves your dad’s shirt, Sage! And you are BEAUTIFUL!

    Lemme tell ya – we’re having a VERY hard time keeping MomKatt from adopting Scuttles! She wants her something bad! BUT … she has told Uncle Terry and Brian that, if push comes to shove with this lovely girl, she is MORE than willing to foster (FOSTER ONLY!) her …

    Thank you for that great video and for helping Scuttles. Isn’t she GORGEOUS?

    Purrz & Hi Savvy!!


  24. Awww… That’s a great way to paw it forward, for sure.


  25. What a tribute to Leader Otis and the message that he strived to bring to the world. Now let’s hope someone will step up and be The Miracle for Scuttles.

  26. Dis wus a pawsum posty. Mommy had da leaky eyes fwum almost da beginnin’ and meez had da purrs. Meez so glad yous saved not one but 2 wunnewful lives and meez just knows da day is soon comin’ dat Savannah and Sage will get along purrfectly. 🙂

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


  27. Flynn on said:

    That is a lovely post. I am glad Sage found her way into your hearts with the guidance of Otis.

  28. Cat people are wonderful!
    Jane x

  29. wow! That was an amazing story!
    I loved watching the video, and seeing Peter interact with Sage was truly beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing the story of the kid Sage. I am so glad you brought Sage home with you.
    I have shared your post!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  30. A brilliant post, please do share more about how you introduced the two. And an official family member I am beyond happy for you all!! I really do owe you a long catch up email, but life is mad. I think about you often and will one day pick up the ‘pen!’

  31. Katie Isabella on said:

    Mommy and I loves you. More than ever.

  32. We loved reading your story about Sage coming home being inspired by Leader Otis. He’s such an inspiration to us all, but that’s really special.

    Scuttles is such a deserving kitty! We have shared her before and will again. Her future family is out there and doesn’t know they are looking for her!

  33. What a beautiful post Linda – how nice of Savvy to allow you to tell us of the inspiration of Otis and the power of love. Kid Sage was lucky to have transitioned from a cardboard box to the home of a loving family….and we sincerely hope Scuttles finds her forever home soon. Otis was one very special boy and his message to “Be The Miracle” resides in the heart of all animal lovers everywhere and always will.

    Hugs, Pam

  34. A brilliant post. Big hugs to you all!

  35. Such a beautiful post. Looking forward to reading about Sage and Savvy’s progress together 🙂 We are purring up a storm for Scuttles. Will share xx

  36. What a lovely post and proof that you CAN incorporate a new life into your own..we have been very lucky that we have not had a problem ever with our cats being introduced to new members..all seem to have known that the newbie needed their own Miracle and forever home…we have shared again Scuttles story and still cannot believe she is waiting….I am sure her home is soon to be found..we alwayas have hope when we have love..hugs to you all Fozziemum xxx

  37. Beautiful post it caused lump in my throat as we loved Otis also and two stories together was just magical xx

  38. I SO hope that Scuttles gets a home soon! It’s already been too long for this beautiful girl.

    P.S. Thanks for sharing Sage’s story with us!

  39. We are so happy that Sage found her way into your home and hearts, and are crossing all our paws for Scuttles.

    The Chans

  40. A wonderful, beautiful post! What a great way to bring a kitty into your home!

  41. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    What a wonderful post. Both the adoption of the lovely Sage and the tribute to Leader Otis touched us deeply. Both Hitch and I know what living in the shadows is like. Our HuMom gives thanks everyday to the nice people who brought me in off the street and to Hitch for being smart enough to know that UncleDan was heading toward his forever home and bumming a ride. You, Savannah, along with your MomLinda and DadPeter are truly followers of the Cult of Otis. Thank you for sharing Sage’s story. We pray her previous Guardians, who gave her up for her own good, have found their way to a better life and somehow know their unselfishness gave her a wonderful, forever home in the Promise Land .
    Bless you.

  42. Thanks for such a great post Savannah&Mom. It’s not only adopting a cat, to adopt Scuttles is like adopting a little hope that the world can be good too. I will share this post and I hope Scuttles miracle will read it.

  43. Scuttles sure are pretty! Hope she gets her home soon.

  44. What a great post!
    We can’t believe that beautiful Scuttles hasn’t been scooped up. We’ll help by linking you up.
    Happy Monday, furriends.

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