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Confused TKS—Confident Savannah


This is another report on my continuing progress—some of which is beginning to confuse The Kid Sage. You see not everything in my relationship with Dad P is exactly as it was when she first came to live in my our special loving, caring home.

I’ve already told about my progress in getting closer to, and trusting more, Dad P. You can check out my progress reports with him here, here and here, which is a very early report on my progress with allowing Dad P to feed me in the first six months of my adoption. If you haven’t been following me since April 2012 then you might wanna be sure to check that one out.

Now for my recent confidence which has caused TKS some confusion.

First you need to know that Mom L always sits on the couch with me at night to watch TV and Dad P always sits in his Mom L’s other chair and TKS gets to join him.

WELL! Was TKS ever shocked and confused the other night when Dad P did something different and SO DID I!!

What's Dad P doin' sitting there!!

What’s Dad P doin’ sitting there!!

And why the heck is Nana still staying on the couch without Mom L??

And why the heck is Nana still staying on the couch without Mom L??

And now you can see why I was staying still while Dad P settles into Mom L’s place on the couch.

Ahhh —Dad P you give such nice warm scritches

Ahhh —Dad P you give such nice warm scritches

Give me a shout out in comments if you think I am progressing faster as I get older. I’m doin’ a study for my meowmoirs.


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17 thoughts on “Confused TKS—Confident Savannah

  1. Good scritches are pretty darned hard to beat. PURRS.

  2. Yeah, sweet Savannah! So proud of you and happy that you are learning those human touches and scritches feel good. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Woo Hoo Savannah!! Yur doin pawsum!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Dhartha Henry~~

  4. Savannah, we just love reading about your continued progress. It does seem to us like you’re making leaps and bounds now, and we are so happy! I bet Dad P is pretty darn happy about it, too.

  5. Pop’s are the best! I’m glad you’re giving your’s a chance.

  6. ATCAD on said:

    You are doing great. We are so proud of you.

  7. We think you are purr-fect just the way you are, Savvy. And if it confuses TKS sometimes? Well, she is your sister … so it only seems fair!

  8. We can’t believe the progress you’ve been making lately, Savannah. And it appears TKS can’t believe it either. 😉

  9. You are doing great. Emma took her time getting used to everybody.

    Emma and Buster

  10. Dang Savvy, that is sure something! Ya done good!

  11. You are doing so darned well Savvy! Wow this is just great news. Well done and keep it going girl!!

    Silver Kitten

  12. 15andmeowing on said:

    I am so happy to read of your progress.

  13. Sounds like you’re making good progress. Probably because he gives nice scritches.

  14. Oh you sure are making progress Savvy……all the time! Sage looks surprised too!

    Hugs, Angel Sam and Ted

  15. You call it progress – but do not fall into the trap of “never being healthy enough” – it is ok not love everything! Behaviours may change without you having a major mental issue.
    That said: Good to see you bond with Dad P. We all hope your humans stay fit and healthy, but they are not the youngest anymore – and now and then they might have to visit a hospital and stay overnight or a few days. Good that you get used to more humans.

  16. I think you are doing great, Savannah! I think your progress may be exponential – that the more you trust, the more you know you can trust… so you do!

    My human says that isn’t exactly the definition of exponential. I say I can make it mean whatever I want.

  17. your progress is rocket-powered I think :o)

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