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Progress, Progress, Progress…

Hiya again, Savannah here…

So here’s the low down on some progress in my mental recovery.  Just  happened last night at din din time.  I always wait until Dad leaves the feeding station before I stroll over to eat… (he feeds me so’s he can develop relationship with me ‘cuz I’m still afraid of huMAN peeps)…so…last night I was hanging out in my cat tower and Dad waved my soft food in a bowl at me…he called me…”here Savannah banana…here Princess” (he is so darn cute!)

So…he leaves the bowl of food on the kitchen counter and is talkin’ with Mom who is making their peep’s nomnoms…so I stroll through the dining room into the kitchen doorway…WHOA! and there they both are…we all just stop and watch each other…THEN…Dad carefully walks past me—AND I DON”T RUN…puts my food down and comes back past me again (WHOA scary for both of us)…THEN, I suck in a humongous breath…and act casual…and stroll over to my food bowl and start eating!!!!!!!! WHILE THEY ARE RIGHT THERE!  I ACTUALLY CAME WHEN DAD CALLED ME!

Seriously guys…this is totally huge progress for me.  I stayed right there while they were on the other side of the breakfast bar making their nomnoms, and I finished my whhhoooolllle dindin.  Then I walked right across the family room…in front of them…licking my chops!

HIGH PAWS WITH ME EVERYONE!  That’s me eatin’ by the breakfast bar…cool huh?!

Then later, I played some with Dad….just so he knew I was seriouly wanting his attention…

and now the final PROGRESS for yesterday…wait for it…wait for it…..

TA DA! Slept right next to DAD all night long! Yep, I flooped right down on his legs and never left…even had my head facing toward him instead of my ususal butt facing the top of the bed like I usually do even with Mom…all you cats know…facing the top of the bed takes courage…ya really gotta feel safe to put your head closest…always safer to have the butt facing up in case ya need to slam out of bed for danger or just to do the perimeter check of the house….

So, that’s my PROGRESS on the food and playing and sleeping  with Dad front…I’ll give ya a video for tomorrow on Wordless Wednesday…pretty cool one even if I do say so myself..MOL

Paw pats, Savannah

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8 thoughts on “Progress, Progress, Progress…

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  2. Oh Dog! That is FANTASTIC! Way to go Savannah! And way to go Dad for working so hard with you!

  3. YAY! Good for you Savannah….that’s great progress……every day – one paw in front of the other…..trusting more and more. Atta girl!

    Kitty Hugs

  4. Good for your Savannah! That’s BIG progress!

    Kitty Hugs

  5. Susan Mullen on said:

    Savannah, this is such great news! I’m glad Dad is taking such special care to be your friend.

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