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Fitness For Cats…Building Stronger Abs

Hiya All, Savannah here again

As  you may remember, this is my autobiography about how I, as an adult cat rescued from a no kill shelter, work through my recovery process.

So, I have spent lots of time chatting about my mental recovery…ya know…the stuff about trusting humans…not running every time my Mom or Dad try to walk past me or reach toward me…stuff like that. And of course I have shared lots of my Life Experiences.

Now I need to give you some insight into my Fitness Recovery. Ya see, at the shelter where Mom and Dad found me, well, ahhhh, ummmm I was pretty much shut down…I just hid out all day and then became a “night grazer”…I was totally famished by the time all the people left and the other cats went to sleep.  So I snuck out at night to eat as much as I could and make a fast trip to the litter boxes.

So, truth be told, yeah yeah…I kind’a got a bit of a largish butt going there and well, ahhh, maybe a bit of a tummy issue too.  Anyway, everyone was just too nice at the shelter to say anything…and I know the other cats noticed and talked behind my back.

So now I am working on my Fitness Recovery with Dad and Mom. Even though Mom thinks I mostly just have big bones…I still need to do some shaping up.  I have aerobic workout routines…ya know, running after the red dot and chasing my feather cat dancer toy…

(Short aerobic routine)

OK OK…I SAID it was SHORT…but if ya do this about 20 laps…gets the heart rate up, burns off lots of those nasty unwanted carbs.

Now the hardest Fitness Routine is the suff I do for core strengthening…ya know…getting tighter abs, especially those hard to get to obliques!  So Mom has been taking this class called Pilates for about umpteen years…and she came up with this routine to help me get to those obliques…  First I roll my hind legs to one side, then I use my obliques to move them back over to the other side. And keep repeating it…I try to do at least 6 reps in 3 sets every night before bedtime.

(Core Strengthening: Abs)

Now the real work is in the first few seconds of the video…but ya get the idea…huh?!

Well…yaaaawwwnnn, uh, um excuse me.  Just watching made me kind’a tired.  So I’m gonna go take a little nap…

Later guys, Paw pats, Savannah

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4 thoughts on “Fitness For Cats…Building Stronger Abs

  1. Good for you Savannah! It’s important to stay physically fit…..if we don’t, we can’t keep an eye on our humans now can we?! My daily exercise routine consists of at least one or two semi-mad dashes up and down the three flights of stairs in my house. Then of course I nap. Don’t forget that part.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Ha, we saw your lovely tummy! Have you let the peeps touch it yet? Now you’re so strong, guess you are even more in control of the situation 😉

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