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Happy Tails Ending


Do you remember one of our park colony cats I introduced you to back in March? His name is Nemo, after the little fish born with one fin smaller than the other? Well our Nemo’s foster Dad Adam named him Nemo because our Nemo has a tail that is naturally shorter than most cats! Cool, huh?!

If you live in the USA, then you know that many states, especially California where I live, are entering “kitten season”. This is the time of year Mom cats start dropping litters of unwanted kittens. The good news is that there are so many families just waiting to adopt these cute little kittens. They become not very interested in adopting adult cats, especially cats such as our sweet boy Nemo who is now entering his “senior” years at eight years old.

BUT—there is always hope!!!

Mom L started taking Nemo last week to an adoption event at our partner’s, Community Concern For Cats,  pop up adoption site in Walnut Creek California. We finally managed to get him posted to their adoption portal only last Thursday afternoon. Soooooo—we  thought why stress him by taking him back to adoptions today, Sunday, when no one really knows about him,  right? But his foster Miss Joanna said “he needs to get the exposure”, so Dad P decided to take him to the three hour adoption event.

I am not happy here


Nemo found his forever home today!!!! A mom and daughter arrived, spent over half an hour with our Nemo and wanted to adopted him right then and there!!

Nemo was likely born in 2013, and spent the majority of his life in our humanely managed park colony. Our devoted feeders, over the years, socialized him so that he was ready to life the good life inside!

Please join me in sending Nemo your best wishes for a happy life retired to the inside with loving care from kind humans.


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15 thoughts on “Happy Tails Ending

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Woohoo! This makes us so, so happy! Congratulations to Nemo and his new family!

  2. Con-catulations Nemo!

  3. With Nemo ppl know what they are getting. A huge plus over a still developing kitten

  4. Bruce & Peg. on said:

    What great news of beatiful Nemo.Thanks to all those who work so hard and so dedicated to kitties.

  5. That’s such great news about Nemo! I purr that he will be very happy in his new home. ~Ernie

  6. catladymac on said:

    Hurrah for Nemo ! We are so happy he has found his forever home ! Well deserved !

  7. The kitties and I are so happy that Nemo has been adopted!

  8. We are so Happy you found a home Nemo and we bet you are going to be even more happy than we are. This is so special that you got this gift at your age buddy, not that you are old, MOL. In fact you maybe as happy as Mom L and the family are that you have a Forever Home! YAY Nemo

  9. 15andmeowing on said:

    I love a happy ending.

  10. Hooray for your Nemo, I hope you have a super big happy time!

  11. Turtle Lover on said:

    happy happy for sure!!

  12. Carole Schulman on said:

    That is just the very best of news! I am grateful to read it.

  13. Yay for Nemo we are so happy for him and he looks really comfy on that bed.

  14. This makes me so happy! Yay for Nemo!

  15. we are so happy for Nemo and we wish him all da best!!!

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