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UPDATE: Happy Tail Endings


I thought you might enjoy a little update on a few of my castle guests who have passed through my castle or through my abandoned community cat TNR group—Delta View Cats.

First up are the darling bonded sister’s, trapped as part of a TNR project. BUT—a couple of our volunteers decided to foster the two sisters and the two brothers. I wrote about them as part of my Kitten Season post. As of two weekends ago, the bonded sisters, Xochitl (“zow-cheel” meaning “flower” in Aztec, and Luna meaning “moon” in Spanish) have met their forever family!! YAY!!! Below you can see one of the girls peeking out from the vent in an apartment building where they were hiding out with their mom cat. Then you see them starting to grow up in their loving foster home, marinated well in love and patience.

Do you remember my castle guest, Carmelita?? You see her below shortly after she was adopted into a most loving home. Her humans sent me a couple of new photos of her that I thought you would all enjoy. She is clearly in her bestest ever forever home!!

Carmelita is now “Amelia”. After the famed human female pilot Amelia Earhart!!

And of course, not last, not least—I want to continue my reporting about the integration of two adult cats, one a “senior” and the other about 4-5 years old, into a Happy Tail Ending together home. Do you remember Gigi? My several months castle guest?

And  then her famous cat blogging human adopted ANOTHER adult from me? His name is Buddy!

WELL!! Take a look at them NOW!! After many chases, paw whaps and hisses—these two are finally finding a balance and some peace in their forever home with their awesome  and patient human, Miss Mary!!

And now, TODAY!!

I know Gigi and I am pawsitive that she is sayin” “Did you touch me??!!!”

Hope you have some smiles going from these Happy Tail Updates. My sincere apologies for missin’ my usual Friday Memes for Friday Smiles, but Mom L was not up to speed.


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17 thoughts on “UPDATE: Happy Tail Endings

  1. Edith Chase on said:

    I’m glad to read all these happy ending stories. Buddy resting his feet on Gigi’s butt is too funny!

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Aww, this is all such great news! We especially love that Gigi and Buddy found their forever castle with Miss Mary. XO

  3. Pawsome news! Glad Buddy and Gigi are getting along. And, yeah, tell their human to start blogging again.

  4. S & S & K….thiz iz like de BEST KINDA POST …EVER !!!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

    YAY and HOORAY !!!

    and we hope mom L iz doin way better 😉 ♥♥

  5. Turtle Lover on said:

    Yay for great updates and YAY for Gigi and Buddy!

  6. Thanks for the updates! And tell Gigi and Buddy’s human to do some blog posts! MOL

  7. There’s no better pillow and mattress for a sleepy cat than a few other felines already huddled together in deep sleep.

  8. Bruce & Peg Mazur on said:

    Soo great to see happy and loved babies.Thanks Bruce & Peg.

  9. I love hearing these great updates…especially the one about Gigi and Buddy. ~Ernie

  10. We are just so happy for all these happy endings! It is wonderful to see the “after” as all of us active or supporting rescue know the before. Thanks for a great uplifting post

  11. It is so nice to hear good news. I’d much rather read blogs than watch the news.

  12. Those are so wonderful, especially Gigi and Buddy, I knew they’d make it together!

  13. We think Gigi and Buddy will be cuddling once the cold weather arrives. What happy tails for everyone, we are tickled pink. Grandpa’s ferals seem to be doing well although they are still really shy, but they aren’t shy about coming to eat. They wait to he leaves and then chow down. He has caught them a few times when he forgot something and had to go back and after the humans go to bed they are investigating the carport and car.

  14. Carole Schulman on said:

    Perfect news…news and pictures that make my da start beautifully and I love seeing the little ones at home. Gigi and Buddy…I hope they blog soon.
    Katie Isabella on Blogspot

  15. that are super news and a purrfect way to start into a new week

  16. That is fabulous news! Made me smile for days.

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