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Food Hog, She’s At It Again


As you may recall, I have outed my creepy dear pushy sweet sisfur The Kid Sage about her food addiction a couple of times or so. Actually, I could do that on a daily basis, but why bore you with such repetitive behavior?

Look at that food!!!

Look at that food!!!

Truth be told, I could not complete my promised post…from last Wednesday…even today. Yes, I am buying time my pals, seriously buying time. I have spent hours, and hours out in the field using all my FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation) Secret Agent skills.

This field work i shard on my paws!

This field work is hard on my paws!

I believe I may have the last evidence to PROVE for all what Mom L has been up to lately. She thinks she can hide it from me, but as you all know, my investigative skills have long been honed during my many AdventurCat mysteries. I, Savannah, the Brilliant Steam-punk Feline Scientist , do not lack in proper skills to lead me to exactly what Mom L has been up to; enough said about that, right?

Brilliant Steam-punk Feline Scientist

Brilliant Steam-punk Feline Scientist

Moving on. I offer to you, today on my blog, something to provide both entertainment and ¬†a small challenge. Hopefully this will keep your minds’ occupied until I can complete my final investigative work and report back for all to know this Friday, February 19, just what Mom L has been up to, which, may I say, clearly involves OTHER CATS!!!

QUESTION: Did The Kid Sage, aka Food Hog, actually receive any food from that human paw fork? And if YES, what did she snag receive.

Yummy!! This is gonna be so fab!

Yummy!! This is gonna be so fab!

I so anticipate your clever investigative assumptions about just what The Kid Sage scored from Mom L’s plate.


PeeEss…I found this,

transparent background

…on the floorboard of a vehicle I recently investigated associated with Mom L’s activities, what do you suppose it means?

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