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SPECIAL BLOG POST: #RememberMeThursday #RememberTheRescue


I do not regularly post on Thursdays, but this Thursday is an exceptionally special day. The Helen Woodward Animal Center is hosting a social media event which I sure hope is shared across the world.

Remember Me Thursday is a special day they set aside and ask the world to join to help bring a huge spotlight on all the animals still left without homes in shelters. If we all SHARE as many social media posts as possible we can give voice to these animals who do not have our social media presence. LET’S PAW IT FORWARD!!

This unique event is a purrfect time for me to also share how thankful I am that The Kid Sage and I are able to have a wonderful, loving home where we are treated like royalty! We are proud former adult shelter rescue cats who are now able to give voices to those who have not yet been able to follow us into their own homes. We will never forget our time in an animal shelter where we longed for someone to say the magic words—”I PICK YOU!!”

I was so very scared!

But my Dad P and Mom L did say “I pick you!”

My fifth day I risked being close to Mom’s feet. See my paws making bread?

And The Kid Sage was even more fortunate cuz she didn’t have to spend more than like seven days in the public shelter. I had to spend three months there and then a year at Kitty Corner waiting for someone to notice me even though I was so shy. TKS was only at Kitty Corner for about ten days before Dad P found her.

I sure do hope he has space in his heart for me

Our stories turned out with Happy Tails Endings. Please SHARE my blog post and every social media post you find with this hashtag—#RememberMeThursday or this one—#RememberTheRescue. Together we can save them all.

I am joining my pal Brian’s Home Thankful Thursday Blog Hop on this very special day. Thanks tons Brian for hosting such an important blog hop. Just click on the badge below to transport over to check out all the other Thankful Thursday blog posts.


Never Let This Happen Again #remembermethursday


The Kid Sage and I are joining paws across the world to bring focus on the urgent need to remember all those companion, adoptable animals who were not fortunate like us—their forever family did not find them. Some, well—they did survive because of that.

Savvy message



#remembermethursday #remembertherescue

Today is a day to #remembertherescue #remembermethursday. This global event across all channels of social media is founded and hosted by Helen Woodward Animal Center along with brands which support this movement.

I am a former adult shelter cat, considered “less adoptable” due to my extreme shyness and fear. I am going to make a difference, four paws at a time, if that is what it takes.

dont leave me behind

Many of us who work the social media channels to promote those who are languishing in shelters, left without hope—and no matter what social medial channel we use—we always get all those comments about ” so hope [it] finds a  home”; wish I were closer; etc. Those are always kind THOUGHTS.

But, #remembermethursday is a CALL TO ACTION. I, Savannah the Cat, say do not leave those comments unless you also tell me that you have SHARED that rescue animal’s plight, urgency across every social media channel you access. Even if you can email that plea to all your friends. DO SOMETHING!



These animals literally die. They need OUR GLOBAL COMMUNITY to SHARE SHARE SHARE AND PROVE WE CARE!

*steps down, one paw at a time, off soap box*

Many caring humans believe that once a cat is “rescued” by a non-profit rescue, and taken into foster care that he cat is now “safe” and “has a home”. That is so not true. I tried very hard to bring to light the fact that there are hundreds of rescues who have “foster adult cats” languishing in their care and these cats are so adoptable it makes me, Savannah the Cat, almost ashamed to have the loving home I now have.

I was totally considered as “less adoptable”. I was extremely shy and terrified of both other cats and humans. And yet, even though my rescue shelter told Mom L and Dad P that I did not need any toys as I never played—loving care and a patient home proved everyone wrong. If not for the rescue system, I would not be writing this blog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This year you can all get the entire world talking about pet adoption. AND more importantly , you can help your favorite rescue bring home some Green Papers OR some NOMS!! Yummy! Enter HERE!

Please join me all day tomorrow to spread the love and caring all shelter animals need to NOT BE LEFT BEHIND.



PeeEss—Please do not allow Momma Kat, aka #mammakatssearch, to be another left behind #remembertherescue #remembermethursday. Momma Kat still has not inquiries about adopting this courageous and loving mom cat. Please be ready for the update next week on #MommaKatsHopeChest

Momma kats search badge


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