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Frivolous Friday Stuff

Hiya! Savannah Here!  So I thought I would give ya a peek at me being just sort’a frivolous…(vocab builder…yes I am following my big guy Jet in using bigger words)

Ya know Mom just luvluvluvs catching me in weird places and positions with her box thingy that goes FLASH and CLICK…leaves me practically blinded…but hey, it makes her happy.

So I was just tryin’ to check out this box that landed on my front porch…Dad brought it in…Mom unloaded it…and I thought I would make sure it was empty for her…

Then WHAM!!…the ole’ FLASH AND CLICK…

…Mom wasn’t satisfied with that first shot…so she sneeks around (like I’m not gonna see her…oh yeah, right!)…and hits me again, closer and right between the eyes…FLASH and CLICK…

…I decided enough is enough…harummpppphhhh…I turned my back on her…and of course she goes all…”ohhhh isn’t she cute”…and WHAM again…more FLASH and CLICK…

…so then she decides to take a photo of one of my fave toys…my Three Way Tunnel…only now she has my pink tunnel stuck into it too…like it isn’t big enough!

…she took the photo ‘cuz she was hopin’ to catch me hangin’ out in it…and then efurryone could see how it looks WITHOUT my butt sticking out and WITH my butt sticking….that woman…what am I gonna do with her….

…finally…Mom hits the FLASH and CLICK again…just as I am really gettin’ into my pilates workout using the scratch post as my leverage point for doing some ab strengthening moves (noooooo…I am NOT pole dancin’! seriously, I know some of you guys were gonna think that…)…workin’ the abs…especially the lower ones…lift, and lift, and lift for one, two and three…WHAM…FLASH and CLICK…and guess what she gets…

Yup…me with my “pink starfish” right there for the world to see!!! Sheesh…MOM!! STOP IT ALREADY!(oh cat!…thank goodness I keep my hygiene up)..  Just ‘cuz the guys over at  Katnip Lounge gave us the label for it, ya don’t have to show mine…OK??

So that’s my Frivolous Friday, thanks to Mom and her FLASH and CLICK!

Paw pats, Savannah

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38 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday Stuff

  1. Savannah…. you may as well get used to it, with blog celebrity comes click and flash. Just no way around it. Every nap, every stretch, every yawn…. constant fodder for the humans and their obsession with showing us off. Anyhow, don’t tell anyone, but we kind of like the attention….

  2. You’re just too adorable! And very versatile! We’re glad you gave Brian’s home an award because it let us find you!

  3. Hiya Savannah!
    Boxes are da bomb! (vocab buikding too…) And it did look like pole dancing 😉
    Wishing you a purrfect weekend!

  4. Savannah, your mom is worse than the paparazzi. On the bright side, if she didn’t think you were so adorable, she wouldn’t be stalking you with the camera. Don’t worry the last picture wasn’t zoomed in, so it wasn’t that obvious 🙂

  5. mollieandalfie on said:

    Hi Savannah, we are friends of Brian, new to the block. We know what the black flashing box is like, Mum keeps it on the table now instead of the cupboard, we don’t stand a chance. Alfie was wondering, do you think you could do a pole dance next time, or is that pushing it a bit? Nice to meet you, have a great day.
    Princess Mollie and Fur ball Alfie

    • Serously, Alfie…dude, I was offering ya some support over on your bloggy once I saw that the Princess, aka Mollie, had tricked ya into a week of slavery. But cat! Ya can’t go asking a gal ya just met to like pole dance!!! Give us some time buddy, maybe I’ll do more of my Precious Dancing Pony Move…don’t get your hopes up…but it’s out there…

  6. Obviously your Mom doesn’t get the whole “back of disrespect” thing! We sympathize and understand. Our Mommy has shown all of our starfish fur the CB to see, too. Mommies, gotta luv ’em.

  7. Hey Savvy, Big Guy here. (I just love when you call me that! 🙂 )

    Thanks so much for the generous mention. Mom has an idea cooking. She asked me to share that she will do that email thingie with your Mom soon.

    I know what you mean, like we have nothing else to do besides helping them get the perfect shot for that box with the flashing light! I have to say, your Mom does show you off as you deserve though.

    Like that new addition to your toy, it’s JJ’s accessory color!

    Savvy, your work out regimen is nothing short of impressive. You’re making me look like an oaf (vocab builder.) Pilates, cardio, yoga, you are quite the cross-trainer!

    • MOL your are to right! JJ’s accessory color outta be that hot pink! Nice! And of course you are NOT an oaf (nice word, huh?)…you are strong and fast…woo hoo!!

      • Hey Savvy,
        I used to be faster, however, Mom hasn’t had a place to run us for a really long time. My friend, Sam moved to Arizona, we used to play a few times a week in his backyard (across the street.) I wish Mom could purchase a fence… Our dog park is in prime buggie season and she does not want me swimming in the pond until my skin stuff heals.

        Since my sister, Koko’s, accessory color was purple, Mom and Rachel decided JJ would wear hot pink.

        • wellllll…what does that leave you??? and who is Koko???? I only know about you, JJ and Mom and huSister Rachel??? I really think the hot pink would be great for you! But, ya could also wear a more manly color like lime green or lemon yellow??? hmmmmm…I can see ya now…Nice! And I am so sorry you have skin itchies..and can’t swim…And if we had a million bucks, I would totally send ya some to get that fence…very impawtant for you doggies to have a fence to be able to zip around without danger. My Mom will get back to your Mom about Thursday call…on email

  8. Just ignore the flashomatic and keep working those abs! You look like you are having so much fun! Box sitting is so relaxing, too!

    • I totally agree about box sitting…as long Dad and Mom keep away…I could just sit there for hours…purrrr And I always work on my abs, I don’t want that hangin’ tummmy thingy some of cats get as we age…sigh

  9. Whee love having our pigture taken and find that if you encourage your hoomans to take pigtures when you are relaxed and clean, then they leave you alone when you say ‘enough’. You look great in all those photos! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  10. Looks like you really scored big time! Have a happy weekend!!!

  11. teehee, sure looks like a blast!


  12. Savannah! All the boys ran for the icebox, you sassy saucepot.
    ha ha ha ha ha!

  13. You really are working those abs. Great moves. Maybe you could teach a class. he he

  14. Well it’s nice to see you so relaxed 🙂 The pink starfish is very photogenic (so Austin says!!!)

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