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An Invitation To All


This is my most heartfelt invitation to all of you who come to read my blog…whether you stop by each day or you come by once in a while…you are so appreciated and luvluvluv’d by me…

invitation 2

My First Blogiversary Pawty is something very special to me…and to Mom Linda too.  You see, we agreed last year, after I started to get the hang of this blogging thing…it took me February and March to figure out stuff and whatnot…

Anywho…last year on April 1rst, Mom and I agreed that I would write a post every single day for one whole year…including all the times she and Dad went on their get-a-ways…I would not miss posting one day.

I only have FIVE more posts to go after today to reach my goal…so I am planning a PAWTY!!!



I am having a very special GIVE AWAY!!  And efurryone can pawticipate…no matter what country you live in…if you win…I will make sure you get your prize!!

What prize you ask???…oh, didn’t I already tell you???…hmmmm…I was sure I mentioned it yesterday…

I have  SPECIAL HAND PAINTED CAT AND WOOFIE ROCKS…they are like the ones my BFGF Cathy Keisha gave my Mom for Catmouse…several of you left comments then that you liked them lots and asked wherever did they come from…soooooooooooo…I figured you would like to have a chance at winning some for your very own.

…and where they come from…this very special Twitter furriend of Cathy Keisha’s…@TinyPearlCat has her staff make them by hand…they are special…you can visit Pearl Cat here…her Twitter profile says this about her:

I’m a smart Polydactyl girl, catnip dealer, and Anipal pawty Bartender. Utube Star, blogger, and staff assistant #Pinkangels #nipclub#cuddlepile #SpaceJunkClub

I have ONE SET OF 8 (EIGHT) CAT ROCKS…(don’t you think the one in the middle looks like our furriend Sparkle??…just an observation…and the dark stripy one looks like he/she outta be a mascot for the Tabby Cat Club…MOL!)


And I have ONE SET OF 8 (EIGHT) WOOFIE ROCKS…(do you see the one on the left that looks like a Dalmatian??…and the one on the right that is gray and looks like a wiener woofie…MOL)


you don’t have to anything whatsoever EXCEPT the following:

  • Leave a comment on this post…and only this post…YOU HAVE UNTIL FRIDAY MARCH 29 AT NOON PST...I will remind you on every post from now until then…you must leave your comment on this post
  • In your comment tell me which set of hand painted rocks you want…you can only request one set…so include in your comment “CAT” or “WOOFIE

That’s it!!! You will be entered into the drawing…I will use to select a winner for each set.

What Mom???…(leans back to listen to Mom Linda whispering..)

Oh, right…sorry…I almost forgot I was so excited!!…The winners will be announced AT MY FIRST BLOGIVERSARY PAWTY…

Oooopps…one more thing I forgot…YOU HAVE TO BE AT MY PAWTY TO WIN!so make sure I know you came to the pawty by leaving a comment…If I don’t see you at my PAWTY then I will go to the next listed in random order…What Mom???…(sheesh…she is always whispering stuff to me)…

Oh, right…so this is like…ummm…well…it is ONE MORE THING you need to do to WIN!!  Just leave a “Howdy”, “Hola”, “Bon Jour”, “Dzien dobry”, “Hejsan”, “Helo”, “Hei”, “Bom dia” and so on…(apologies if Google translator messed up…sad ears…) don’t have to leave any other comment than that when you drop by on April First (1rst) for my First Blogiversary Pawty!!

All this excitement made me soooooo tired….


Paw Pats, Savannah

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144 thoughts on “An Invitation To All

  1. Happy Almost Blogaversary, Sav! Sorry we haven’t been able to comment much. We have been following along, though!
    Happy Easter!
    Play bows,

    • hey Zim and Dave, no problem, I read you every day too, but commenting lately has just taken a back seat. After Monday and Tuesday (another Real REscue Dogs Are Talking INterview) Mom and I are taking a break and getting back to visits. We are missing out on way too much in our furriends’ lives.

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  4. We are so excited that you are having a party. We will be there with bells on. We will pick the Woofie rocks if we wins as we has lots of cat things. We think the yellow rock looks like Tuiren minus her spots and that the gray one looks like a larger version of Mr Who (IF he was grey of course). ~Scylla & Family

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  6. Oooh! We’ll be at your pawty for sure, Savannah! And we like the cat rocks, of course! 🙂


  7. One year and posting everyday! That’s an impawtant milestone! Concats! And I’ll be at your pawty on Monday!

  8. hi Savvy, I love the cat stones,especially the grey on she reminds me of you,xx Speedy
    p.s I’ll see you at your party,xx

  9. Oh wow this is big news Savvy…We’ll fur sure be at yur pawty! Momz sez she’ll put in fur the woofies please…She thinks the one at 5:00 looks like me 🙂

  10. Wow we are so behind but lucky we saw this post today 🙂 EXCITING xx
    CAT xxx

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  12. Can’t wait for the pawty! A whole year of blogging every day – well done you!! You have trained your staff well, maybe for next year you can write a few posts on how to train your staff.

  13. Gdday Savvy. What an achievement – a post everyday. I’m lucky to get a post a week!
    We’ll do our best to get to your party, though the time zone thing can be a problem 🙂
    And I say ‘WOOFIE’. They are very cute stones 🙂

    • Hey Zena!! waving paws to Zena…you are in the drawing for the woofie hand painted stones for sure…and I will have to figure out the time zone thingy…Mom will probably put effurryone in who comments on this post…yup, that’s what she said…even if you can’t make my pawty on Monday, Mom forgets some humans still work…MOL…no matter…if you left your preference here, then you are in!!

  14. Wow, and in case we don’t make it April 1st wishing you many more and lots of fun cause we wuv you and know you’re pawty will be the bestest. Max & Bella wag wag

    • hi Max and Bella! oh I do hope you can come to my pawty. If you think you can, you should go to my Tuesday post and leave me a comment if you wanna be in the drawing and tell me if you want Woofie stones or Cat stones.

  15. Wow Savannah that is very exciting. That is such an awesome goal to achieve! Posting every single day for one whole year! Great job 🙂 I’ll enter your giveaway for a WOOFIE

  16. theislandcats on said:

    We can’t wait to party with you, Savvy! If we win the rocks, and we would love to win them, we want the cat ones. 🙂

  17. Hi BFGF! Of course I’ll be at your pawty even if I don’t show up until really late. Save me some pupcakes and if you, like, need any help with the menu, you can use the slideshow I had for my pawty. Since I have a couple of cat rocks, if I win, please send them to Nellie. xoxox

  18. Wow, a year of posting every day? We’re impressed! That’s some serious dedication! We really like the cat rocks, and they would be nice if we win. We’re going to check out Pearl Cat and see where they came from. They look like purrrfect gifts for lots of people we know.

    • Ok, you are entered. And yes, purrlease go check out Pearl Cat. Her staff hand paints the cat and woofie stones…and she just asked me to donate to the Nip Club Tip jar whatever I could do. PAWSOME!! I luvluvluv’d making that donation!

  19. Katie Isabella on said:

    Oh Savannah, how absolutely wonderful! And a Blogaversary too. I love the kitty rocks and that DOES look like Sparkle in the middle. xoxo

  20. spittythekitty on said:


    Hi Savannah, Wow….this is going to be one VERREH exciting pawty! I can hardly wait! I hope your Mommy is working on the menu already!!

  21. Awww Savvy that last picture made me forget what I was going to say. You look so cute xox Getting my tux pressed ready for Monday 🙂

  22. Oh Savvy we wouldn’t miss your special pawty (we’re having a BOO b’d pawty that day too please stop by) and we love the rocks and our choice goes to CAT. *woo hoo* we can’t wait to see who wins.

  23. OMC, Blogging every day, that’s awesome, Savvy! And a pawty, that’s awesome too. Can I come with granny, somebody has to fly me, you know… 🙂

  24. Woohoo, party time!

  25. Shalom Frum Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen…we lub BOTH setz of stonez howeber da Kitteh stones are so purrfect!!!! We will do our best to be at da Pawty; Mum might be outta town tho’….so we give our vote to Hitch n Mistletoe n Dorothy of RWB’s if dat iz ok??? Lub Nylablue xo

  26. How exciting that you are having a blogoversary party! My human loves those cat rocks, and especially with one that looks like me, I have to enter! I can’t wait for your party!

  27. Oh boy, we are so excited! We will be there!!! We like the Cat rocks!!!! Because, well, you know, Cats Rock! Whoo hoo! MOL

  28. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    theeze rocks…be rockin savannah…best fishes ta everee one N conga rats two ewe on yur annie furssary all most 5 posts ta go til de annie fursary iz act shoe a lee heer we canna wait for de partee with perch samiches…post !!!

    • hi Butter, Dai$y and Tuna…do you wanna be in the give away drawing for a set of cat or woofie rocks??? Just tell me today or later, but ON THIS POST, which set you want and I will make sure you are in the drawing…purrrs and paw waves, Savannah

  29. WOOHOO Savvy!

    Here’s our snappy comment!

  30. Chancy the Gardener on said:

    Wow! Sweet Savannah a post a day for a whole year that is amazing! Mumsy does well to post for me once a month. Mumsy says she likes those cat rocks…can you believe she would want cat rocks when I am a woofie? I hope you send out a reminder for the party ’cause Mumsy is old and forgetful. Hugs and nose kisses, Chancy

    • waves wildly to Chancy…HIIIIIII!!!! Yes, yes, I will have a reminder every day on my posts through Sunday. and you are in the drawing for cats! give your kitties some Chancy licks from me MOL

      • Chancy the Gardener on said:

        Mumsy will give those cats some nose kisses for you they won’t let me get close enough to give them any licks. Big hugs and lots of nose kisses for you and your mom!

  31. Mikey, The Tzu Who Never Grew on said:

    I’ll be there, & have plenty of munchies to share! I luffs ta pawty wif my furriends! (Eyes the stones) I cross my paws to win Woofies!

  32. Oh My Cat! You are gonna have a great pawty! We love the cat rocks. Happy early Blogaversary, pretty girl. XOXO

  33. catfromhell on said:

    Oh Savannah! Me is so excited that yous been on line for a whole year! Time sure flies when yous is having fun! And what a year it has been.
    Now the rocks! Me thinks the cat rocks would be the purrfect summer accompanyment to the fairy garden in my Licorice Memorial Garden! Me has my claws crossed that me wins!

  34. Hey savvy cats rock ….you know they do …..i have enough rocks in my head but I’m glad to be at your pawty

  35. Shannon on said:

    This is so awesome, Savvy! I’d love to win the set of kitties. Our Thomas rescued us and turned us into cat people! See you at your Bloggyversary pawty!

  36. Love the rocks. Love the giveaway. And love love love that you can write a post every single day. That is something!! Good job outta you, Savannah!

    Love and licks,

  37. Oh my goodness sweet Savannah, one year already!?!? It seem like you just started. I sure will be at your pawty!!!

  38. Wow Savvy, a whole year??!! Good job, we will be sure to stop by the pawty, those woffie rocks are too cool! Play bows,


    • aha! RA!! I knew I could get you to my pawty if I had a give away and no surprise you like the woofies! Wish one looked like a Sibe, but they are all pretty special. @ TinyPearlCat has her Mom doing some great painting!

  39. CAT! Whisky can have the biggest one, even if it isn’t a woofie. 😀
    We’ll be back for your Blogoversary Pawty!

  40. Can’t wait to attend the pawty. It sounds like so much fun. Since there are 8 of us, we would love to win the 8 CAT rocks. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  41. Wow, Savvy, so much excitement! How wonderful that you are celebrating your first Blogoversary soon! And that you blogged every day!

    We would go for a woofie stone too!

    The Chans

  42. Oh what a great pawty-marathon … seems now my life is an endless pawty – how cool!!! The rock above on the right side looks like Raffles hahaha

  43. orientallily001 on said:

    You’ll have blogged every single day for a whole year? WOW! I am so impressed. That takes a lot of dedication, I think. And even when your mom and dad were off visitin’ the world and stuff! IMPRESSIVE!

    Congratulations, my friend. Can’t wait ’til your big party. Bet it’s gonna be a blast.

    Oohhh.. I particularly like the CAT rocks. Probably ’cause… you know… I’m a cat.


  44. Wow – those rocks are great. I’ll be at your pawty too.

  45. Savvy, YOU ROCK!! (hehehehehehe)…Anyhooooo we’ll be at your party but don’t include us in the draw, Mummy and Daddy say ‘there are enough cat’s in this house”.. !!! Honestly, you’d think we were trouble or something.
    HAPPY SOON ANNIVERSARY to you, our dear sweet (and very clever) friend, and we’ll see you Monday!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  46. Oh, my goodness, doesn’t that pretty orange kitty rock at the bottom of the photo look like Momma Grace? Wow! She would LOVE to have that one. We’ll be back … we’ll keep checking.

    And concats on your bloggyversary … such fun! {{{{hugs}}}} from all of us!

    Grace, Audace, Ruse, and their servant (Marilynn)

  47. mollieandalfie on said:

    How fantastic ..A pawty on the 1st and my birfday on the 2nd.. I will be 2 Savvy.. What beautiful rocks, I willz haz to go for Woofies…. We will be there and wez bring some snacks 🙂 Luv;z youz xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • oh please do bring some noms, especially for wooifes; as you know…I am a cat…so picking out stuff the woofies like best is not always easy…thanks Mollie and see you Monday Alfie…throws Alf a smoochie with paw

  48. April 1st is also my birthday but I will also stop by your pawty. Mile “stones” are impawtant. If I were lucky enough to be chosen I would like the cat stones please. Those are wonderful. Love, Cody

  49. Hi, Savvy, why, yes, I will definitely be at your pawty! Concats on (almost) one whole year blogging!
    Motor Mommy and I would love to win the cat rocks – they’re so pretty!
    Thanks –
    Purrs, Sundae

  50. Congratulations Svannah! I’m looking forward to the party. We’ve had a chat here and decided we’d like to win the WOOFIE rocks.

  51. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We are super impress with how good your blog is, and has been, everyday. We never miss a day but some days we can’t think of a comment. You think up a whole blog every day! Although it’s a hard choice, we think we’d like a cat stone if we were luck enough to win. We are looking forward to the party! Congratulations! You should be very proud.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  52. Well you can certainly count on me to be at your blogiversary pawty Savvy – how could I pawsibly miss it?! My Mom and I would love to win the cat rocks – she still has a “pet rock” from a bazillion years ago and loves it so this set would make good “friends” for it don’t you think??? Anyway, love the rocks – they are magnificent. See you at your pawty!

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  53. All so exciting. Wow, you’ve manage a post a day for nearly a year. That’s incredibly good going. I’m thoroughly impressed. Hard to choose between the pet rocks but I’ll have to say Doggie because poor Litchi is somewhat outnumbered by cats here already 🙂

  54. Juneau & Sunny on said:

    Wow one year Blogiversary!! Congrats Savvy!! We just love the woofers set. We lovez your blog just don’t always comment! xx

  55. How exciting,I’ll start ironing my party frock.

  56. Hey Savvy, I’ll definitely be at your bloggyversary party – can’t wait!
    And I’d love to win a WOOFIE stone – how cute are they!
    Hopefully I’ve followed all the rules properly:-)

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