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Monday Meowsie News…New Feathers!


What a busy, busy week! My friends at The Natural Pet Company  asked me to review another of their pawsome cat products.  It arrived in no time whatsoever!  And MOUSES!  Was I ever impressed at the package and all that it held.

This is their Cat Wand Toy Mega Pack and it has a collapsible wand and three feather attachments, all different!  Two of the attachments have bells but they were really easy for Mom to remove…you see…ummmm…well, I am kind of put off by toys with bells…thankfully, these were gone in no time!

I had Mom break out those bad cat feathers right away…(click to bigify and hover your mouse over photos to see captions)

I decided that just having me test this product wasn’t really a great product test…so I sent Mom over to my former rescue shelter, Kitty Corner, so the current residents could give them all a test too. They have some kittens right now and those guys knew just what to do with all these feathers.

I’d have to give this product all paws up for how much we kitties all enjoyed it. The only thing I wish they could change is how the feathers are attached to the string. I had to wait for Mom to tie and untie the string for each attachment. There is no swivel attached to the string, just to the toy so when some of the kittens at Kitty Corner got excited, the string know kept coming untied…but for all the fun we had with it…that’s no big deal.

Maxwell, Faraday and Allie over at A Tonk’s Tail also had a 12 paws up review of this product.

You can visit The Natural Pet Company’s Amazon store HERE to get a really great price on this special mega pack cat wand toy.

I received this mega pack cat wand toy free from The Natural Pet Company, but I had no other compensation and my review is all my very own opinion based on my experience with this toy pack.

PeeEss...remember Kitty Corner is owned and run by my former rescue Contra Costa Humane Society.  They are one of SIX recipients of the 2013 Santa Paws Drive.  All SIX rescues/shelters are so very worthy and I hope you will consider helping these fortunate shelter cats and dogs have a great Chrissymouse/holiday  by putting some toys in their stockings. Click the badge to be whisked over to their Santa Paws Drive site where you can chose to give either green papers OR cat or dog toy packages of varying price. Thank you for considering these shelters and rescues.

secret santa 2013

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21 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…New Feathers!

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Now that is what we call an enthusiastic review, Savvy! That toy looks pawsome!

  2. Pawsum reeview of dem feever toyz!!! Da kittehz all look so happy to bee playin wif dem n so do ya Savannah!! me playz wif me Peecock feever ebery day!!! Funny how a simpull feever can put a smile on our kitteh facez!!
    Lub Nylablue xxxx

  3. What a great toy! No attachment thingie means it’s not heavy. I don’t like how heavy Da Bird is. Why do I only get to review food that I don’t like. MOL!

  4. Looks like you all had a great time with those fev-vers.

  5. OMC! Savvy, what a fun toy! There’s nothing better than playing with feathers!

  6. we don’t like bells too with our toys. all fevver all the time.

    Emma and Buster

  7. No bells for us either.. do real birdies wear bells? Xactly!
    That toy looks like great fun…well,it must be …you said ‘MOUSES”!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  8. It was great to see you with the feathers, even me would like to play with you together …. but probably I would eat the toys :o)

  9. I came to say thank you so much for the visit with loving comments when we lost our sweet boy. So appreciated and helped us so much. Hugs Carol x

  10. That looks like a really fun toy, Savannah!

  11. Another brilliant review pal!

  12. How wonderful! We saw A Tonk’s Tail’s review and obviously this is a super toy for EVERYONE…..enjoy it Savvy – I know you love fevvers!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  13. What fun to share the review with the shelter kitties! Sweet!

    Love and licks,

  14. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Your review of this wonderful feather toy has pushed us into taking the plunge! It’s actually been in our Amazon wish list since last week, but the HuMom wasn’t sure. So, now she’s sure! Woo hoo! Here come the feathers!

  15. My kitties don’t like bells either, so your are not alone Savvy. The feathers look fabulous, though, and all of my crew here would have gone nuts for them. So glad that Kitty Corner are on the list. Great job

  16. mollieandalfie on said:

    Savvy you are the sweetest kittie 🙂 Love those feathers, what fun xxooxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  17. So sweet of you to call on the kitties for help with yhe review – bet they had loads of fun testing out those feathers:-)

  18. Ooo that sure looks like fun!

  19. We are gonna post our review this week…we had just as much fun as you and the shelter cats, Savvy! The fevver toy is a WINNER.

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