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Pumpkin the Abandoned Adult Cat—A Happy Tails Ending


Do you remember my Paw It Forward Project to help get Pumpkin, an abandoned adult cat, away from living on a street corner?

Mom L did an “owner surrender” of Pumpkin to our wonderful Contra Costa Animal Services shelter. There were no fees and if he did not adjust to living in the shelter Mom L could pull him back and return him to the home on his street corner. Apparently from what Mom L learned from his feeder Miss Kandi, he has been living on the street corner for over fifteen months after being abandoned by tenants in the apartments on that corner. Miss Kandi was more the willing to continue to feed and care for Pumpkin if he found the animal shelter too much to bear.

Here is where he lived for all those months, in summer heat and last winter’s heavy rains.

This is the other side of “Pumpkin’s Corner”.

He lived under the plants and on the redwood bark chips

All those bark chips made it so hard for Pumpkin to keep his lovely white socks clean. He ate behind an electrical box and watched longingly as the world passed him by on his corner.

Well times changed for Pumpkin as soon as he arrived at the shelter.

Hmmm…this might not be too bad

They shaved off lots of his fur mattes and he found he could groom himself better without living in that redwood bark chip. And he also realized he liked being held.

Yup!! I am gonna really like this a ton!!!

Pumpkin was immediately placed in the shelter free roaming Kitty Korner where he had not problem with the other cats. That led the San Francisco SPCA to pull him within less than a week!! The SF SPCA has large free roaming cat rooms and they knew Pumpkin was going to fit right in.

Mom L doesn’t know “where” Pumpkin’s forever home is. BUT—Mom L never even saw him go up on their website! Rumor has it that it is likely that someone who works at the SF SPCA saw Pumpkin and adopted him for their very own!!

I like to think that Pumpkin is living in some snazzy San Francisco penthouse and dining on caviar served to him in Waterford crystal!!

Now don’t ya think this deserves to be titled a “Happy Tails Ending”??? Let me know what you think in comments!!



PeeEss—I promise to tell you all about Andi’s Happy Tails Ending next Monday

A Real Rescue Cat Is Talking


I am the cat you saw on Savannah’s blog for Sunday Selfie. Bet you are all curious how she came to know me, right?

Super Cat

This is the photo before I had Mom L apply some cool filters and whatnot. I was not having a fun time when she took this photo.

Super cat at clinic

Savannah asked me to come back again as a guest so I can share my rescue story. Mom L was helping out as usual at the Kitchen Cat Clinic that Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C) hosts almost every week in Miss Gemma’s kitchen. Doc Josie is a feline cat vet, retired, and she gives her veterinary skill and expertise to CC4C. I think that is pretty cool, don’t you?

One week ago today, I was the first cat to be placed in a carrier on the table. I was supposed to be patient number one that day. But, I had other thoughts about that so as soon as my rescue humans placed me and my carrier on the table, I began my low warning growl.

The growl beging

You know the one I mean don’t you? Cats and woofies alike have a special low growl to warn others that we aren’t comfortable. And kitties and woofies I can tell you I was totally not having a good feeling at that point in time.

Because my warning growl was pretty consistent, Doc Josie and Miss Gemma decided that my exam ought to be carried out at my vet appointment which was on the same day.

Now how did I come to be with those humans, in that carrier, at that cat clinic?

Let me tell you the story of my amazing rescue! I found myself sitting beside the off ramp of a busy freeway on a very hot day about a month ago.

That ramp was scary

There I was, sitting there near some shrubs, watching all those fast moving cars whiz off that freeway and down the ramp. I had no idea what I was going to do. I hadn’t had much to eat, no water and as I said, it was hot, hot, hot!

Then I saw a car go by, but not quite as fast as the others. I could tell the lady was saying “Is that a cat??!!” I wanted to jump up and down to let her know—YES!! I AM A CAT!! HELP ME!!

But that car was quickly gone. Bummer! But then I thought, “wait a minute, what if they are going to come back?” I started to worry that maybe they wouldn’t see me clearly again—hmmmm—then I realized that I ought to be on the other side of that busy freeway off ramp.

So, I hunkered down low to be able to see how much space between cars I might have, and it was not an encouraging site I can tell you. I paced a bit thinking about just how to make that dash for my life across that ramp.

Well, I realized I did have nine lives so maybe if I used up a couple getting across that would be ok. Next thing I knew, I was taking a great old big deep breff, I watched the cars a moment more and then ZZIIIIIIIPPPP! I ran for my life across the ramp and landed with a big kerplop on the other side.

Whew! I made it! I think I might have seen a couple of my nine lives thinking about taking off as I sailed under and through those cars. But they must have thought the better of it and those two lives stuck around to see what was going to happen next.

Sure enough, that same car came back and pulled off the ramp to the side where they saw me. YAY!!! They found me!! Now I had to let them know how much I really wanted to get out of there and go with them to be safe.

So the man, Mr David, came over to me but he stopped and seemed hesitant because I had my mouth open and I was panting. Well, you know I said it was hot, hot, hot, right? Add that to my dash for life across the ramp and you can bet I was panting!

Just to make Mr David feel appreciated, I started to weave in and out and around his legs. You know that trick, right? I kept doing that to let him know I was really a good kitty. He still wasn’t sure. Mr. David hollered over the traffic noise to his really nice wife, Miss Jan and asked what they should do. Miss Jan thought for a split second and then she made the decision to scoop me up in her arms and get me into their car!!! And Mr David jumped in too and we were off!!

I was safe!!!!!

There you have it everyone. The story of my rescue thanks to Miss Jan and Mr David. They took me home and set me up in their garage all nice and comfy.  I couldn’t go inside because their resident cat who is sixteen years old, had never really been around other cats.

Liking the garage

But then they worried I wouldn’t get exercise while they were working to find a rescue group to help them find a home for me. And they could tell that I was a mancat who had never been neutered. Probably my large size and handsome head gave me away, although they did take a couple of looks under my tail. Not sure for what though. Anyway, they knew I needed exercise so they went shopping just for me!

And this is how I came by the name of Super Cat!

Super Cat arrives

Yes! I gave no resistance to getting into that harness and had no problem walking along on the leash. I was after all, safe!!

One more photo of Super Cat

But I still did not have a forever home. So CC4C committed to help Miss Jan and Mr David find me an adopter. They became very close to me and wanted my home to be special. Mr David put my Super Cat photo on his Face Book page and on the Next Door Neighbor network. He and Miss Jan took me to a Petco and voila!! A nearby neighbor of theirs saw me on Face Book and she and her husband wanted me!! That’s right! This mancat who was tossed away on the side of a freeway off ramp now had a family that wanted him—ummm—I mean “me”.

As Savannah always says, I have a HAPPY TAILS ENDING!!


NEVER FORGET MOMMA KAT—still not adopted nor any of her five kittens, now six months old

Momma kats search badge


Shine Up Your Fur and Get Your Game On #sponsored


Now you all know what a selective palate. So Dad L always hesitates when Mom L asks him to add something different to my meals. He had his doubts if I would even try the supplements we received from NHV Natural Pet Products. Was Dad P ever wrong about me! I just continues to dine as always!

Let me tell you a bit about the NHV supplements we tried. I got to try the Yucca liquid supplement. The lady who helped guide Mom L in making her selections thought that this might help sooth my tummy and help me keep my food down.


I don’t vomit nearly as much as I once did now that I dine only on raw chik-hen, but I do have an occasional upchuck. NHV has worked with veterinarians to formulate all their supplements and the end products are vet approved. Not to mention they are one hundred per cent all natural ingredients!! Just take at look at all the advantages my NHV Yucca supplement gives my overall health, especially my digestion.


Unfortunately, I did not experience any difference in my digestion and ability to keep my food down during my trial of this product. However, I can tell you, and Mom L will validate for me, that I have been showing a lot more game!! Kitties and woofies, I am one crazy playing catlady!! I have even been playin’ our old game of “Mice In The Bed”—chasin’ Mom L’s toesies under the bed covers!!


For the last few months, and not just because it was Summer and warm ‘cuz we have aircon, I have been a bit sluggish. Even as far back as the Spring Mom L was having a challenge getting me to play. Now I am tearing around the bedroom after Da Bird (which I used to be afraid of!) and of course that ever evasive red dot.

Now The Kid Sage tested a different supplement. She tried out NHV Multi Essentials for cats. And just like me, she easily accepted having it added to her raw meals, no problem.


Now TKS had a similar benefit as I did from my supplement. She has also shown an amazing increase in her game!


And you all know she was already a playing demon! She yowls and howls to get Dad P or Mom L to come play with her several times a day. Her favorite game is CHASE! Yes! She loves having Mom or Dad chase her up and down the stairs, around rooms, under the bed and out again! Why you might think she had some woofie in her!!


Take a look at all the  benefits she is getting from this great supplement.



FTC Disclosure: We received two different supplement to test for one month and we were compensated for writing a product review. The opinions in this review are our own, no one influenced our experience of this product. Savannah’s Paw Tracks reviews products in which we believe our readers may have interest. **Savannah’s Paw Tracks failed to follow product directions to “shake well” and to “refrigerate after opening”. In order to provide an honest review Savannah’s Paw Tracks voluntarily paid for another two supplements, the same we were given, and have tested them for one month. 

Mom L and Dad P have never considered using a supplement to our raw diet, but they are changing their minds. Our experience with NHV Natural Pet Products has been positive enough that we are going to keep on using the Multi Essentials for both of us!

Now kitties and woofies listen up, because here is something we both found happening to our furs. We have always had lovely furs, don’t get me wrong. But Mom L and Dad P both noticed our furs got shinier and shinier on our supplements.

Just check out our glowing furs in the lamp light at night.

Of course our furs glow in daylight but at night they really are something.

Guess what kitties and woofies? NHV Natural Pet Products has been kind enough to allow me to offer one of my readers an opportunity to try out their Multi Essentials supplement!


All you have to do is leave me a comment to let me know you want to be entered to win a 3.4 ounce bottle of this liquid supplement. This give away is only valid in the USA. My apologies to my international readers. You may of course enter and then donate your win to a USA pal if you want. I will accept comments ON THIS POST ONLY until Friday, November 4 at midnight Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be announced on my blog post Monday, November 7.



Super Cat!!

Final story on Wednesday, November second. You are not gonna want to miss this story—totally a Happy Tails Ending!!

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