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Sometimes Words Are Not Necessary


Now you have to answer me straight and honest—do I look content in both of these photos?

Nights on the couch with Mom

Nights on the couch with Mom

And one of me sitting in my our bedroom.

I am safe, cherished and feeling more and more confident

I am safe, cherished and feeling more and more confident

I am joining Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. I just felt these photos say a lot about how my progress is showing.

Click on the badge to visit all the other photos that speak a thousand purrs and play bows.

blog paws WW


Stay tuned for news update on Momma Kat and her kittens in the coming days. I am still getting facts straight so’s I don’t say anything not for sure true.

Momma Kat poses

Stow Away Savannah: A Selfie


You all know that is it The Kitties Blue, The Cat On My Head, Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, right?? Of course ya do. And I am joining in. Paw the badge and join the hop!

Sunday Selfies Badge

I was a stow away on Mom L and Dad P’s recent “get away”. I am challenging you all to figure out where I ended up!!

My Sunday Selfie is my first clue and there will be more on my Monday blog post and The Kid Sage is helpin’ me on this little adventure of ours. You see, neither of us wanted to be left behind this time, na’mean??



PeeEss—Clarification about that mix up on my Friday Meme post that was first a “Thursday Meme Post” and then deleted to make it what it should’a been in the first place—my Friday Meme Post. Mom L was far too excited about that little “get-away” and she made a silly expected human mistake and pawed the wrong date. Go figure! She is back in Cat Training 101 A after that little mix-up.

Pee Ess Ess—Momma Kat #mommakatssearch is still looking for some kind, loving and very patient family to claim her as their very own. I know I keep sayin’ I will have an update soon, and I will. There is a lot in the works and just a few more details to lock down. Don’t get too excited because NO, she doesn’t have a home or even one in the works. BUT, I have been building her my very best ever HOPE CHEST!!

Please keep Momma Kat, and her five kittens, in your purrs and lend them all some POTP. And YES, you are seeing quadruple black siblings!! Pretty cool, huh?!


My Progress Is Showing


I haven’t “officially” reported on my progress in a while. You see I am an adult shelter cat recovering from early kitten hood trauma. Yep, that’s me. I last talked about a bit of my current progress here.

What I didn’t tell you clearly is that I am finally, after almost five years in my forever home, bonding with Dad P! Yep, that’s right. Every morning now, for about the last two months, I look to Dad P, not Mom L, for my morning pet.

For those of you who have followed me from the beginning, you know that I have always been afraid of Dad P, and most other men. But times—they are ‘a changin’!

First time ever in five years—this morning, September 27th, I invited Dad P for a play with ME!!

wanna play

It turns out that I kind’a like the same wand toy TKS likes. It is the wand with ONLY the string attached!


I was havin’ a great romp with Dad P and then guess who showed up??

She is here

Once I saw Mom L was just tryin’ to capture “the moment”—I decided what the Mouses! Let’s do it again!

Let's go again

I forgot all about Mom L taking those photos and focused on my “ME TIME” with Dad P.

Savvy satisfied

I hope my readers understand what a HUGE BIG DEAL this is that I am asking Dad P for pets every single morning. I even give him little head butts! And now—I asked Dad P to play with me! This is HUGE progress for me. Thank you all for joining me in my journey to recover from early kittenhood trauma. Progress can be slow to show up, but it does if our guardians are patient and kind and understand we adult shelter rescue cats need both.


PeeEss—don’t forget to enter to WIN a GIVE AWAY on my blog for the #SureFlap action motivated pet feeder bowl HERE

PeeEssEss—if you wanna WIN the SureFlap action motivated bowl then you get a SECOND CHANCE over at my pals Three Chatty Cats! They have the same GIVE AWAY!! Their post is LIVE Wednesday, September 28! HURRY OVER!!

UPDATE ON MOMMA KAT COMING SOON! She is still #mommakatssearch hoping for her forever home. Check out her new photo

Big eyes


We are joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop sponsored by BlogPaws

blog paws WW




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