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What a difference time can make


Hey guys, how many of you remember our foster kitten named Andi? Mom L trapped her and her Mom Mandi last October 2017 where they were living at an Elk’s Lodge near my castle. Well Mom L received notice from my cat Vet that Andi’s annual checkup is due next month! That made us all remember sweet Andi and miss her all over again.

Thanks to Face Book, Mom L was able to find Andi’s new Mom and ask for an update. Here you go—Andi one year later!!!

She is just as cute as ever and still a bit shy but always progressing and loved very much by her family.

I am learning in my own recovery from trauma that time and patience make such a difference. Now I can see that happening with our current foster kitten, Katie. She is about eight to nine months old and recovering from a traumatic early kittenhood including being a mom cat at age five months!! We have also learned that she has a permanent limp, likely due to a trauma at birth which has made one of her front elbows not function quite right.

BUT—Katie is progressing lots with the four months we have had her and with love and patience. Katie adores being brushed and loves having her full tummy rubbed and brushed. She throws herself down and stretches out from the tip of her front paws to the tip of her hind paws!

She flips over when she expects some more attention and she always gets it!

More please!!

And last but far from least, a look at what  the passing of a few weeks can mean to some new born kittens Mom L and a pal rescued using the kittens as bait for the mom cat.

Remember how tiny they were when reunited with their mom?

Just take a look at them now! You can see five of the six kittens in the first photo. They are all so much like their beautiful Russian Blue mom cat. Only one gray tabby and the others are like mom.

And here is the one cute tuxedo kitten.

They will start being weaned soon. Mom cat will be spayed and released in her favorite neighborhood as she has shown she is very much a feral cat. But all the kittens will be going to adoptions in another four to six weeks.

So I say APAWS APAWS for how much progress can be made when we give rescue kitties some time, love and patience. Don’t you agree?


Monday Meowsie News: Brief update on last week’s rescue


I’m pleased so many enjoyed learning about how Mom L and her buddy Miss Jeanne trapped mom cat using her kittens as bait! Believe you me, they had a ton of coaching text messages to get them through it!! But now they can both say “been there, done that!!!”

Many of you asked if we were still trying to get the person who lied about being with a legit cat rescue named Kitty 911 (K911) East County. I don’t know if K911 is still trying, but Mom L quit ‘cuz that person wouldn’t ever return her calls once Mom L started asking if she could pick up the two kittens. We don’t know why this person chose to lie to the really nice man on Nextdoor who was asking for help. The person is self reporting to the man that they are being well cared for but then when Mom L talked with them asking them to foster mom cat and the other six kittens, they refused unless they got money for food and medical if needed. So makes us wonder if this person has the ability to care for the kittens long term and get them S/N and vaccinated and adopted. We worry. K911 did report this person by name and phone number to our county animal services. You can find the legit K911 and see all that they do on Facebook here.

These are the only two photos we have of the two kittens the person took. I think that blue thing is a warming disc, at least I sure hope it is.

These were when they were likely less than 5 days old.

Sure would have been great if that person would have given them back to their mom cat. Just look how happy she is once she was reunited with her other six kittens!

One happy furramily

I have lots more to tell you about all the community cat rescue Mom L and Dad P have been doing. But one of those stories is gonna be a long one. Hope you all have the patience to read it in installments!!


Thankful Thursday Indeed—There are SIX!


You guys are sooooo observant! I thought there were only FIVE babies in that photo when Mom L showed me. And then I realized that one of those little heads could NOT be connected to the body I thought unless that kitten was a contortionist!! MOL!!

For those of you in the USA who have access to and use the app called, you will recognize this message Mom L and I saw as a common one.

Kittens in my backyard

While watering my backyard tonight a adult cat jumped on the fence out of the bushes I kept watering I didn’t think much of it and then I heard the little screeching of young kittens they are probably no more than a week old I hope momma comes back does anybody have any advice on what I should do they are soaking wet because I sprayed my plants I put a little blanket on them.

This compassionate person checked through the night to make sure the kittens were safe from raccoons. When he checked at first light there were only two! He then cared for them until someone contacted him at night saying they were with a cat rescue and would take the two kittens to bottle feed.

Dad P and Mom L reached out to our neighbor who lives just across the water from us, and let him know we would try to find the kittens Momma moved and Momma herself. Mom L wrote up a flyer and she, Dad P and the neighbor distributed it around his part of our community to let residents know we were searching for a mom cat and babies.

Next day Mom L received a call and the person had heard kittens mewing at night. The next day same thing and Mom L hopped in her car and there they were!!

All tucked in nice and safe. Now what to do to trap Mom cat? Mom L tried for a three days to catch the mom cat, but she knew what a trap was all about. And then the dreaded news that rain was in the forecast for Tuesday this week. We had to get those babies out of that dirt trench before the rain.  Mom L reached out to several trapper pals and one was able to come to our assistance.

Miss Jeanne and Mom L had neither one ever tried to trap a mom cat using her kittens as the “bait” by themselves, but they had expert coaches and they set up this trap.

Kittens in the carrier in back and set trap in front

Miss Jeanne stayed watching that trap set-up while Mom L dashed off to a doctor’s appointment. And then the MIRACLE CALL!!


Mom L rushed over and sure enough, there was Mom Cat, trying to get as close as she could to her six kittens.

Beautiful, isn’t she? So Mom Cat and her remaining six kittens have been reunited as of Tuesday this week. And that’s enough for a Thankful Thursday post for sure, don’t ya think??!!! Follow this link to join lots of other wonderful Thankful Thursday posts over at my pals’ Brian’s Home blog hop.

I am so very very thankful that we had another successful Paw It Forward project! The first two kittens who were taken in by a rescue person have not been reunited with their siblings. That is another story for another blog post as to why. For now, we believe they are safe and cared for, but we do worry a bit.

Let me know in comments if you enjoyed learning about our most recent cat rescue work.


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