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Do You Hunt Indoors?: Friday Frolics


Yep, that’s right…I am talking about hunting indoors for all my feline furriends who live indoors just as The Kid Sage and I.  The concept of indoor hunting is all about technique.  Where did you learn your technique?  Let me know in comments so we can all share our learning.

Dad play 3

Most of us indoor cats have not been outside so we often need some fine tuning with our indoor hunting techniques.

Speaking for myself…I learned my best indoor hunt techniques from Mama Cat…from the Blog of Otis.

Mama Cat taught me the importance of four sequential moves that must be performed by any cat practicing hunting techniques indoors….









 How's this?

I miss my lessons about proper hunting techniques from Mama Cat…but as you can see…I have not forgotten anything I learned from her…

Paw Pats, Savannah

Loving Being Loved: Thursday Purrsday



So truth be told…”I” Savannah and The Kid Sage may just be (not yet confirmed) relatively spoilt adult rescue cats…just a thought…no conclusions as yet.

Which bring me to my Thankful Thursday blog post…I do try very hard to honor Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop by making sure my Thursday blog post is about the events that make me purr like crazy.

Hope you will all hop over to Pepi’s and visit lots of other Thankful blog posts…click on the badge below to be transported…

I pawticipate

I pawticipate

This week I am a bit embarrassed to be posting about something very selfish which caused me to purrr….Dad P and Mom L decided that our home needed more ‘catification’…and brought home a totally modern new cat tower!! (be sure to hover over photos for cations and to click to bigify to view complete captions)


This is, of course, after all the ‘drama’ of it arriving with these fateful words…”Some Assembly Required”.  Those little words drive FEAR into Dad P’s heart…he shudders, shakes and moans…no, no…seriously…I am totally NOT kidding…just ask Mom L (in a secret coded message)

This cat tower caught Dad P’s eye when the cats at Katnip Lounge won this model at Blog Paws when all the contents of the Cat Lounge were given away.  The gang over at The Lounge report they LOVE this tower.

And so it arrived….


And then the snoopervison began…such as it was…heh…heh…

And so Dad P labored on…alone…continued over several blog posts…a certain NOT TO BE MISSED series of how the White Tower was built, and then used, at Castle Savannah…heh…heh…

Paw Pats, Savannah

Remember I Don’t Play?: My Recovery Rocks!


Those of you who have followed me over the last 2 years may recall this comment made by my former shelter when Mom L and Dad P picked me up to be their foster cat…

Mom L: “Do you have some toys we can use. We don’t have any at home right now after our three precious senior cats made their journey to The Bridge…we donated their toys and cat towers, etc. to rescues.”

Former Shelter: “*waves hand*…oh don’t worry, you don’t really need toys. Savannah doesn’t really play much if at all”.


Oh right...I don't play...heh...heh

Oh right…I don’t play…heh…heh

Guess no one  figured that my mentor and pal Sammy, One Spoiled Cat, would be teaching me about all the joys of tissue paper.

And…I have learned to trust that when Mom L and Dad P play with me…they won’t hurt me and so I try lots of new moves…2 1/2 years ago…I would never have dreamed of not only tissue paper games…but allowing things to cover my head…even my whole body…look at me now…

I started doing more and more bunny kicks since The Kid Sage showed up. Ok, so maybe I have learned a thing or even two from The Kid…nuff’ said about that…na’mean???

Listen to that tissue paper rattle…betcha Sammy jumps up and down just listening to it…

After all that rocking and rolling…I took a break to do some meditating…learned this from my pals Ku and Swami Zoe

Look, focus...see the the spot...

Look, focus…see the spot…be the spot…

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss...I am remiss in missing precious Zoe’s incredible birthday achievement…THIRTEEN…and not looking a day over THREE…paws crossed…I am not telling a fib Zoe…a card for you my furriend…please forgive my belated wishes

Swami Zoe card at 13

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